Possessions Arranged by Color

Possessions Arranged by Color

See Through series of photographs by Helga Steppan, a talented Swedish artist, features her personal belongings grouped by color. Enjoy!










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  1. ferch

    the fruit one was better

  2. kcantu

    love them all.

  3. Larna

    creative indeed

  4. Nataly

    yeah! the fruit one was more delicious)

  5. mea

    like those

  6. Gert

    Slightly pointless.

  7. Cory

    Lame. Junk collection is not art.

  8. djnomore


  9. Kikishua

    The “green” one doesn’t really work. But I like the concept.

  10. Rose

    Good concept, could have arranged better to create something even more special.

  11. Pluto Nash


  12. :)

    That’s a lot of stuff. :|

  13. Mona

    Honestly, I dont get it, it looks like a big mess in every pic

  14. Ben

    This is nothing new! a french artist in nantes already did this in the early 2000’s.
    His work was even used as a cover of the LP “la grande musique” by french rock band “the little rabbits”

  15. Raads

    what colour is the fourth one down supposed to be

  16. jason

    Do you petty critics understand how much effort and creative thinking was involved to produce this? Do you? Unbelievable. Good work to the artist. Bad work to Toxel for not allowing a Dislike button on ignorant comments.

  17. devilsways

    wat would happen if these colours wer set in our house…. total rainbow :D

  18. siana

    she should make a music video like this

  19. ChEeSe

    haha reminds me of my mom

  20. ALP

    Personally I would chose some other items which represents the symbolism of the different colors. For me that would give a lot more sense.

    But nice idea and a full support to Scandinavian artists!

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