3D Pencil Drawings

3D Pencil Drawings

Incredible three-dimensional art created by talented artist known as Fredo.

3D illusion is brilliantly enhanced by the inclusion of real world objects.

3D Pencil Drawing

3D Drawing

Pencil Drawing

3D Pencil Art

Pencil Art

Perspective Drawing


Perspective Art

3D Art

For more inspiration, check out: Massive Sand Drawings

  1. Modhawk

    That is awesome art, modhawk acknowledges the use of basic tools, including lighting. Nicely done Fredo! Great pick Toxel.

  2. Pepsi


  3. Shelly Pain

    An homage to Escher. Especially the glass orb. Nicely done.

  4. wanwan

    full awesome

  5. woops


    These are amazing.

  6. hamid


  7. jumanicus

    love it very creative

  8. Tri Ari Handoko

    really fantastic, two thumbs up

  9. Shaan


  10. sketch

    Hmm, its not quite Escher, but not bad.

  11. Nataly

    old idea, but great nevertheless)

  12. OOO


  13. Danyell

    Most of these don’t actually look 3D though. And the first few seem really poorly rendered but it may also be the terrible lighting.

  14. ummm...

    3-d drawings??? this looks like a high school project… c’mon toxel… there are thousands of new products and awesome ideas out there and you put up 3-d drawings?…

  15. Art of Concept

    No ordinary 3D drawing! Stunning!!

  16. almas

    waw.. awesome…

  17. wow


  18. cerulean

    I’m gonna have to agree with “ummm…” it looks high schoolish, and some of them don’t translate very well 3 dimensionally. “neat”, but a far cry from Escher.

  19. None

    indeed, IT’S a high school work.

    Fredo is 20 years old now. This Pictures were made by the chilean guy when he was 16 or 18.

  20. Cris

    To those who say it is poorly rendered, remember these are pencil drawings, not computer graphics. They are really awesome in my opinion.

  21. dr.nono moreno-losana

    Marcus Cornelius Escher + Julian Beever

  22. Manpreet

    They may look like high school drawings,
    but they are good drawings

  23. Cindy Auligny

    Can’t believe that they are high school drawings! So amazing.

  24. Juan!!


  25. babaikimewan

    Fantastic drawings that look not like drawings.

  26. mj

    really fantastic

  27. sasan pour

    I can do it too .

  28. Pete

    speechless! very talented

  29. Artechx

    yeah! unique style. superb!

  30. jc

    it looks like MC Escher.anyway i like it!!

  31. Reza

    Fredo it’s really brilliant! At first I thought It’s real. Good job man!

  32. SurlyP

    I think some of you are missing the point. This work is beyond amazing!

    First, they’re pencil and ink–no CG or Photoshop; just perspective. Second, look at the detail in these drawings. If you notice, the highlights and shadows are all in the right spots relative to the ambient lighting of the room they’re in.

    That’s pretty impressive on its own, but the guy also drew his own reflection in an object that doesn’t even exist. This kind of work is definitely above and beyond anything I’ve seen at a post-secondary school renown for illustration, let alone high school.

  33. cycarla

    the crystal ball picture is really impressive.

  34. antrea

    agree with the comments above, looks like a tribute to MC Escher! Especially the orb drawing and the lizard.

  35. mea

    so amazing,

  36. Raads

    crystal ball is the best for me
    fantastic drawings btw :P

  37. Jake

    WEAK. There is so much great stuff out there. Thousands of art school students did this in highschool and then grew out of it.

  38. pirate


  39. Danyell

    Cris, why do you have such low standards for pencil drawing?

    Pencil can be amazing, if you’re actually good.

  40. MizzBehaved

    Who cares if its high school or not, these are amazing. Its PENCIL! No one uses pencil anymore, at least for 3D. These are phenomenal, I love every one of them. Nice Work!

  41. jaguar

    what pencil ?i need for this draw’s!
    thankx and congratiolation!!!!

  42. Warlic

    Anyone who says that these are not impressive really has no taste in art.
    All are great in my opinion-emphasis on the crystal ball.

  43. elijahhass

    just the artistic ability is amazing i think it is great

  44. ajay

    amazing things create world with pencil

  45. Gab

    As someone who drew EXTENSIVELY with graphite in High School, I can say these really aren’t that great. He looks like he smudged them with his fingers instead of a tissue or tortillion, which is just bad technique. He also looks like he was trying to spread too little graphite way too thin, hence why the shading appears uneven and spotty. If you’re trying to get it really light, use a lighter pencil and don’t press hard. I’m not trying to troll, I’m just speaking on behalf of the artists who’ve been there. He probably was just inexperienced.

  46. trisha bansal

    alll these sketches are fantastic mindblowing
    i like it

  47. chris


  48. Felica

    This is so amazing i couldn’t even believe my eyes! :D

  49. Caiti

    I absolutly love these! I can’t believe my eyes! Amazing!:D

  50. Sameer Kumar

    from u get these ideas?
    It is really awsome and cool technique.
    I m try ur style.

  51. rehan

    its all have 3d sketches and all thees are superb
    and i also try to made this bcoz i am an artist also..

  52. dazzilyn

    Amazing! :)

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