Modern Log Cabin

Modern Log Cabin

Flake house by Olgga Architects is a modern take on the classic log cabin.

The design was based on the concept of the “folie”, where the wooden structure is broken into two parts to establish a radical spatial boundary while materializing an unexpected entry sequence.

Log Cabins

Portable Log Cabin

Flake House

Wooden Log Cabin

Log Cabin with Modern Interior

Log Cabin

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  1. he

    Kinda cool, but seems pointless…

  2. Bob Apples

    Looks like a shooting range…

  3. pete

    I agree what you said. Pointless.. What is the purpose ? I have no idea

  4. kriza

    its nice for a toilet with a view, u can put it on a hill or sth. i like it

  5. David Nicklas

    i dont like it

  6. Gorzo

    what for ?

  7. Irfan Yousaf

    Wow…! its really nice and amazing thought…

  8. adjee

    I don’t get why most European architects usually design structures in a boxy form like this one. It looks so simple and seems too plain.

  9. assortedjess

    *starts a fire*

  10. nandor sebestyen

    i see a lot of negative coments, why, i guess you all like to live the same borring life in the same borring house

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