Realistic Colored Pencil Drawings

Realistic Colored Pencil Drawings

Beautiful drawings of human eyes and mouth by talented artist Redosking.

Hyper-realistic drawings made with colored pencils and white gel pen.

Colored Pencil Drawings

Realistic Eye Drawings

Realistic Pencil Drawings by Redosking

Eye Drawing

Pencil Drawings by Redosking

Colored Pencil Drawings by Redosking

Realistic Eye Drawing

Mouth and Lips Drawing

Drawings by Redosking

Redosking Drawings

Colored Pencil Drawing


Realistic Pencil Drawings

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  1. Rudy


  2. Gert

    Very nice. Very skilled in his chosen medium and it’s nice to see a break from all the ‘modern’ art you see everywhere that doesn’t look like anything to anyone but the artist.

  3. Pearl Lamie

    fantastic technique!

  4. Divinity C

    These are beautiful!

  5. Sami

    wooooooooooow. So realistic! Unbelievably realistic!

  6. Betty

    Amazing eyes!…the mouths an little unappealing but the eyes got it.

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