Creative Jewelry

Creative Jewelry

Unusual jewelry created by Imme van der Haak out of gold plated brass.

Creative Ring


Modern Ring

Jewelry Art


Modern Jewellery

Modern Jewelry

Creative Jewellery

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  1. whaaat?

    I don’t know. Some of them are just ridiculous for me. A nose cap? SeriouslY?

  2. ...

    If I saw somebody wearing this stuff on the street, I would consider them freaks and/or mentally handicapped.

  3. archatas

    Great outside-the-box design with some irony for existing piercings as a normal state of fashion and individuality.

  4. Lynch

    This is probably the worst thing I’ve seen posted on Toxel.

  5. Rafa


  6. Drea

    These would only work in a Lady Gaga Music video…

    Some of them are cool looking, but I would never wear them because they look PAINFUL.

  7. Jessica

    Ironically, I find these more disturbing than their piercing counterparts. Some of them do look rather painful. The 5th one down might be workable, the nose piece, but I don’t think any of the others would really go well.

  8. leila

    nope it is not pretty ,but …

    any way thanks for sharing

  9. Danyell

    These are stupid.


  10. Art of Concept

    ..not something for me.

  11. Shannon

    I actually really like the eyebrow one. Contrary to what others above have said. I real it would work for those days when I really wish mine were pierced though I would prefer it in silver.

  12. Chris

    Those are all ugly.

  13. Senjugudin

    Wow! That’s actually unique but only acceptable if it were wear it on a dress-up party or something and it would look cool instead of weird.

  14. Mihir Panchal

    Ridiculous if you ask me..

  15. blurt

    Very cool in a strange bdsm sort of way. I wouldn’t wear any of them, but I also wouldn’t pierce my lip, and a lot of people do that, so I can see these being popular with a certain segment of the population.

  16. amess

    they say beauty is pain…

  17. Alex

    Its probably going to be fashionable in the future, who knows?

  18. Betty

    It’s a spoof, right?…of some of the ridiculous things
    people put on their faces and call jewlery?

  19. gnarf

    looks just stupid and unwearable

  20. NiSa ZuL

    i can’t see the beauty of “Jewelry”

  21. Pepsi

    I lol’d cause I can’t take this seriously.

  22. Rindane

    creative or disgusting?

  23. kat

    I would totally wear the bridge of the nose thing and the rings. Sweet!

  24. davswrld

    Not impressed at all. Yeah, I wanna walk around with a little gold booger hanging out of my nose. Not one of the better posts

  25. clara

    just ugly !

  26. James Ward

    Yes…finger seperation and the appearance of golden dripping boogers always says…”style”

  27. haha

    Seriously? I have seen 3 year olds come up with better (or in the case of the nose plug, the same)…

  28. Rob

    All of these comments were probably made when the first earing came out, yet today it’s beautiful jewelry.

  29. Raads

    more than half of these should be used as torture instruments.. have you seen them! eugh!

  30. jaqi mugo

    They look like implements of torture rather than for emphasizing beauty. I can imagine future teenagers wearing them and chiding us for being out of fashion. :P

  31. Kyle

    Looks like something out of star trek. . . I would wear the booger thing

  32. kcantu

    seriously?? this is soooooo stupid

  33. mea

    i don’t like it.

  34. kcantu

    @ames yeah, beauty is pain… but the process NOT THE RESULT.

  35. Pluto Nash

    If someone was wearing that nose plug thing I feel like they would get hit in the face by a passer-byer.

  36. jumanicus

    pft.. this is shitty, the guy model is hilarious, he looks so focused and intense, but how can he be taken seriously when hes wearing that stuff, its like hes looking out a far out and distant land or something xD

  37. miriam

    I find the pieces very interesting, jewelery that modifies the body. Some of the pieces not the most wearable but the concept i like.

  38. SaraJane



  39. Sean

    I laughed at the “pinky clamp” one. Seriously, some of these just look like they would hinder everyday activity. “Jewelry” should prevent you from writing or closing your eyes.

  40. a

    lol this is so ugly and useless, hope their not trying to sell it as jewelery

  41. k


  42. James Anzalone

    I’m not impressed by them. The design seems shallow.. Like someone just thought “let me just twist some metal around an ear or nose and plate it in gold.”

    It seems a number of them wouldn’t even stay put for real use.

  43. JJ

    I don’t get why everyone is saying these are stupid and ugly. The pieces are ironic, push the bounds of the norm, and make you think…they got a reaction from you, that’s what the artist wanted.

  44. Alicia

    I think that this is an “art piece” not an every day run-of-the-mill “jewelry item.” It speaks on the nature of beauty and how it can become a hindrance to performing everyday functions. It’s disturbing, simple, beautiful and has a voice. I think that it’s incredible.

  45. Bloo

    @ Alicia
    lol no

    Same goes for JJ.

  46. Aki

    …are you serious? =.=

  47. Doink

    I so lol’d at the golden dripping boogers =)

  48. cenközmercan

    booger imitation is making me speechless…

  49. latincrow

    real nice..for a star trek set XD

  50. graftik

    This was stylish in Ancient Rome

  51. Jordan

    I agree with JJ and Alicia! These are not meant to be mass produced, they are just meant to make you think!

  52. leilani

    I agree with Alicia.

    It’s not meant to be practical jewelry. Look deeper into the meaning of the artwork itself. All of these pieces look like some kind of torture device or a result of torture (bloody nose, deformed body parts).

    I think the artist is possibly trying to tell his/her audience about the pains we put ourselves through as humans in the name of vanity.

  53. VinceVega

    hey! sorry I spilled my tackle box onto you sunbathers! is everyone o…. uh…um

  54. kim

    these seem kinda dumb,,really? i wouldnt wear them, they llok painfull,FAIL!

  55. Drewdesigns

    Just because something is unique does not make it good. These are unique no question, but they aren’t creative or even nice jewelry.

  56. cindy

    I am not a fan.

  57. Omega

    I’m sure that the term ‘creative’ now means ‘uncomfortable’

  58. Derek

    Absolutely not.

    I don’t think this falls under the category creative.

  59. G-Rock

    I think another thing annoying about these are the photography. The models looked so pensive. It’s like really? You have a gold booger hanging out of your nose.

  60. Vasilena

    Kind of wierd, but really creative, great ideas! :)

  61. Ayoally

    I think Lady Gaga would be the only person that could pull this off. some look kinda painful :o

  62. Kelsey

    I think its a cool thing to think about. I mean, who decided that a ring on a finger or a necklace on a neck is beautiful. Just like in some cultures, lip plates or neck rings are beautiful. This piece gives great perspective of how the obsession with beauty and conforming with shaped by society

  63. Lady F

    These could be used for cinema, i mean sci fi or fantastic movies (sorry for my english)

  64. Alia


  65. Rogue

    I don’t think these are actually meant to be worn as jewelry. Looks more like “wearable art” to me. I think they’re creative, strange and humorous which may have been the intent. Only the artist can know.

    Haters gonna hate.

  66. Luna Syra

    This is awesome. I would wear it modelling and wear it on the street!

  67. mahsa

    those are masterworks! I enjoyed!thanks

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