Food Inspired Jewelry

Food Inspired Jewelry

Creative food shaped necklaces, rings, and earrings made by Shay Aaron.

These realistic food sculptures were crafted out of polymer clay. Each creation is unique and features slightly different details.

Pretzel Necklace

Grapefruit Ring

Food Jewelry

Cake Necklace

Cookie Earrings

Donut Ring

Cabbage Necklace

Delicious Jewelry

Oreo Ring

Blackberry Earrings

Avocado Earrings

Hot Dog Necklace

Kiwi and Blackberry Tart Necklace

Breakfast Jewelry

Sandwich Necklace

Pizza Earrings

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  1. ChefJoAnna

    SO adorable! I absolutely NEED the pear and cheese necklace.

  2. Barbara Deer

    Beautiful work and so creatively done ! ++++++++

  3. ran

    love those all..

  4. Sydney

    It would be awesome if the Jewelry was scented the same as the food!

  5. Ninja Egg :D

    This is so cute! And is that a girl scout cookie? Anyway i love these sooooo much.

  6. Betty

    nicely done–great attention to detail–very sweet!

  7. Ging

    love them all!

  8. Ninja Egg :D

    Well Sydney thatd be cool on some of them. But on cabbage and cheese. Not so much.

  9. pooja


  10. alice

    so cute!

  11. ran

    super cute cake necklace

  12. Me

    Okay, dammit. Now I’m hungry! (But they are pretty cute)

  13. yui

    Makes me HUNGRY!!!!!

  14. Anna

    i wish i could have these

  15. Meow

    Yum. I’m hungry! Love those blueberry studs. Nah, I love all of them!

  16. Jasmine

    Wow, these jewelries are really beautiful. Can I take a bite? :)

  17. nanobelle

    Where are the radish earrings?

  18. Veronica

    Looks cute enough to eat!

  19. Rachel

    Ok, where can I order these jewels??

  20. ansel

    where can i buy this stuff?

  21. goober

    Miss Frizzle Jewelery

  22. Naomi

    Wow! I love the food!They are so cute! I wish that I could have those! Whoever made these are obviously very talented! I love them!

  23. Rett Sachsel

    Really Good Stuff! I just gotta have!…and so do my buds! Where? How much? 8D

  24. Roxy

    lovely im getting some now!

  25. stacey

    wonderful! makes me crave to take a little bite of my favorite fruits =)

  26. Laurie

    I love the blueberry earrings! Somehow, I am now hungry! very cute!

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