Electric High Wheel Bicycle

Electric High Wheel Bicycle

Motorized version of Penny Farthing bicycle with large hubless wheel is a thrilling fusion of 19th-century charm and 21st-century electric power.

Iconic Penny Farthing bicycle now turbocharged by Chris with a sleek hubless wheel and an electric motor.

Riding this motorized bicycle is like stepping into a steampunk dream, where vintage aesthetics meet cutting-edge technology.

Hubless wheel adds an extra dash of futuristic flair to the classic design.

Daring combination of history and innovation, proves that even old bicycles can benefit from a jolt of electrifying excitement.

Vintage charm meets modern thrill, turning heads and defying norms.

Why not add some danger to your journey when you can do it with style?

Electric Penny Farthing Bicycle

High Wheel Bicycle

Motorized High Wheel Electric Bicycle

Motorized High Wheel Bicycle

Motorized Penny Farthing Bicycle

Hubless Penny Farthing Bicycle

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