iPhone Shoes

iPhone Shoes

Innovative 3d printed shoes designed by Alan Nguyen will hold your iPhone and help you stand out at any party, fashion show, bar, or nightclub.

Leave your handbag at home, your iPhone will be stored in your shoes.

3D Printed iPhone Shoes

iPhone Holster Shoes

iPhone Shoes by Alan Nguyen

iPhone Holder Shoes

Alan Nguyen

Alan Nguyen iPhone Shoes

iPhone Holder Shoes

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  1. james

    what? why?

  2. Khurram

    ridiculous, dont seems to be a practical thing

  3. brz

    Bad idea; Our iPhone will be in danger!

  4. Doug

    Heres how the pitch went:

    Designer – Great idea! Lets create a shoe so you can store your expensive phone in the most impractical place where its open to the most amount of damage.

    Client – But wouldn’t that be an awful idea? Surely no one would want that!

    Designer – Meh, I already made it on my 3D printer

    Client – Well can we at least add a screen protector?

    Designer – BUT ITS 3D PRINTED!

    Client – Please leave…

  5. Barrie Hall

    Not a safe place to keep a phone imo.

  6. Swiper Fox

    iPhone Shoes? Its an upgraded old-gimmick.
    A variation in old spy movies using rotary phone with extendable antennas disguised as shoes.

  7. John Cline

    Great for splashing through mud puddles or running a marathon!

  8. j


  9. Pearl Lamie

    That’s a recipe for disaster! Truly a stupid design unless one does not actually walk in these shoes. i’m sure the heels make it hard to anyways.

  10. Tahere


  11. pTc

    Because I’ve always wanted to strap my £600 telephone to the heel of my shoe.

  12. dexter

    this can be useful in a place where people dont wear any clothes

  13. Alacia

    In all likelihood, the people who are into these kinds of fashion are rich enough that losing their phone won’t matter much. High fashion is a game for the rich.

    Anyway, I think it’s pretty cool, and I don’t even have an iPhone, or want to get one.

  14. Raychel

    This is the dumbest thing ever. Yeah, lets put something valuable and fragile down where it will get kicked and broken… brilliant x___x

  15. James

    I think people are over reacting to this, its designed for a gimmick and skills based item, not for practicality. It’s always fun to design something if you just want too.

  16. Mark

    Don’t wear those to a public restroom. I would hate to think what could get on my phone and then to put that up near your face? Ummmmm, no thanks!

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