Giant Nest for your Backyard

Giant Nest for your Backyard

NESTREST is a suspended sanctuary perfect for meditation, relaxation, and open-air conversations.

Designed by Fred Frety and Daniel Pouzet, this oversized bird’s nest will make a great addition to any modern backyard.


Suspended Sanctuary

DEDON Nestrest


Hanging lounger


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  1. selina

    Kinda WiErD and dum :L but actually kinda fun to have it in ur byard except for winter…

  2. G


  3. peppy

    Who doesn’t need a $12000 spider habitat?

  4. Ferny

    Over the water looks cool, but too difficult to get in without getting wet..

  5. Anusuya


  6. satisfy25

    I like it

  7. BBQ


  8. apathy

    Why do people insist on commenting with obvious random flaws?

    Cool over water, but you’ll get wet getting in. Spider Habitat.


    Sounds about as dumb as:

    It’ll get wet if you spill your lemonade on it!


    Terrible for people with motion sickness!


    Looks fine and dandy, but wouldn’t hold up in a nuclear holocaust!!

  9. Rebekah

    But…but…how would you keep it clean? Hahaha!
    Seriously this is a blog for creativity and that’s not perfection! I realize that its human nature to look for what’s wrong with something (and someone) but so many times the comments are so negative in tone for such a neat thing they aren’t worth reading.

  10. Art of Concept

    I think I couldn’t have created this on my own…most things can be improved though…once they’ve been created and we can find the flaws…I think it’s how it works for everything in life.
    I’d particularly like one of these.

  11. pampalas

    12 g’s?????

  12. vin

    Inspired by Kenneth Cobonpue? I saw this design (very similar) made by him a long time ago

  13. Benjamin Christine

    Actually amazing! Love it too much! need to acquire one of those! :) Thanks

  14. Gert

    Now if it came with a plastic cover so it doesn’t get soggy and moldy when it rains then this is pretty cool.

    I don’t have any trees sturdy enough to support this device however.

  15. Amy

    this belongs in IKEA

  16. Jaqi mugo

    Great for the garden at home too :)

  17. WGD

    Now THAT is what I need.
    I would LOVE to have that!!!

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