Tree Branch Bookshelf

Tree Branch Bookshelf

Creative wooden bookshelf made by talented French designer Olivier Dolle.

Tree branch inspired design consists of an oak veneer on a hollow plywood structure. The bookshelf is available in different wood finishes.

Branch Bookshelf

Tree Bookshelf



Tree Shelf

Tree Branch Shelf

Branch Shelf

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  1. Bee

    I kind of like it.

  2. EugiKo

    very nice!

  3. Bob

    WIN! WIN! Do you understand?!

  4. miggy

    nice, simple but elegant

  5. Leithy_boy

    Interesting concept! how did all those leaves get into that house! :p

  6. agnes

    nice, but only if you have up to 10 books

  7. Celzn

    I super like it!

  8. Kei

    I own way to many books for this to be more than a pretty decoration that takes up bookcase space. xD;;

  9. pampalas

    how is it attached on to a wall? i’ve seen several shelves that looks like trees but that is one question that was always on my mind

  10. ran

    love it…. *thumbs up*

  11. Colin

    Very nice! And to those of you who have more than 10 books, add more branches or trees :)

  12. Cecile

    This is so gorgeous! I would love to have something like this.

  13. bert

    nice job

  14. Gert

    Very pretty, not very functional if you own a lot of books but very pretty.

    It would be something nice for a living room to showcase very special books I think.

  15. Gert

    Colin – Realistically, someone with 200+ books like myself needs a much more functional book system. This is for a light reader or someone more willing to part with their stash.

  16. Kirvi_Inci

    The good thing about this piece is it doesn’t have to hold books. It can hold just about anything or just be a piece of wall art. I really like it. :)

  17. Maria L

    How can i order ?

  18. Marton

    That’s pretty cool.
    Though I agree it would be hard if you had a plethora of books.

    This would be perfect for a living room photoalbum showcase, with a branch dedicated to certain events or sides of the family.

  19. Jaspal Singh

    Amazing Creativity…..

  20. Alin

    I love it! I want this in my living room :D

  21. Tara

    Do you know how we can purchase these items?
    I LOVE IT!

  22. Toast

    i’m not entirely sure why everyone’s saying “omg not enough space”. Looking at the scale, I would say anyone who has any idea about how to stack things would be able to easily fit 200+ books on there.. Unless they’re all like War and Peace or something.

  23. Kiana

    How can we purchase this bookshelf ??

  24. Kimberly

    I LOVE IT.. Where can I get one? :)

  25. Holly

    Love, love, love! I want one in my living room. It combines beautiful sleek design with a function. Excellent!

  26. Tommy

    I love it i want, it in my room!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  27. christopher

    one word; AMAZING ! where can I purchase one ?

  28. Hannah

    I’m going to make this next week this. Why purchase it when it looks so dang easy to make.
    And for everyone who says “Not enough space!”, it’s more of a decoration and a way for you to show off your favorite books, or have the ones you read the most easily on hand.

  29. Gab

    This is wonderful! We have a few thousand books and more than a dozen large bookcases and shelves, but this would be lovely in our bedroom (which has a tree and leaf motif) for 30-40 current reads, favorites, references, library books, books on loan from friends, etc. We will definitely look into building something similar! Its just silly to disregard it because it wont hold ALL your books…

  30. Matthew Cottam

    How much is the Tree shelf & how do I order one?

  31. Roberta

    Does exists right and left version?
    Is it possibile to supply to italy?
    How much expeditions costs and final price?
    Thank you for your answer :)

  32. Jack Clark

    How do I get one of these??

  33. Marny CA

    Creative on all levels! Wow!

    I can visualize lots of fun with your design – birdhouse hanging down, birds on top edges.

  34. kate CA


    Too bad it is so difficult to purchase :/ It would be full of books in my room already.

  35. Jaz

    How can i buy this please??

  36. Nancy

    My cats asked me to order this for them.

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