LEGO Photographer

LEGO Photographer

Creative photo series by Andrew Whyte shows us the day-to-day life and fun adventures of a world traveling LEGO photographer.

LEGO minifigure was photographed in London, on a sandy beach, and in front of beautiful landscapes. All photos were taken with iPhone 4S.


LEGO Photography

Andrew Whyte


LEGO Photography by Andrew Whyte

Photography by Andrew Whyte

Andrew Whyte LEGO

LEGO Photographer Andrew Whyte

Photographer Andrew Whyte

Andrew Whyte Photography

Andrew Whyte LEGOgraphy

LEGOgraphy by Andrew Whyte

Andrew Whyte LEGOgrapher

Andrew Whyte LEGO Photography

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  1. Tahere

    so nice and tiny!

  2. Falcy

    love it

  3. Paul

    I’d love to see the photo’s they took…

  4. Mark

    Brilliant idea. But then again, I’m a photographer!

  5. Adrian Lee

    Imaginative! There’s a rain coat on the one at the beach.

  6. Lorenz

    Great idea!

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