Shell House

Shell House

Unique shell shaped house designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain.

Located near Mexico City, the Nautilus house was commissioned by a young couple who wanted to raise their kids in nature inspired home.

Shell Shaped House

Shell Inspired House

Shell House Bedroom

Shell House Bathroom

Shell House Shower

Nautilus House Interior

Nautilus House

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  1. EugiKo

    looks fun ;)

  2. Bee

    Beautiful! Wish I could have grown up in that house.

  3. Natalia

    Wow! This is located near New Mexico? Looks like i need to take a trip… Anyone with me? ;P

  4. K

    Isn’t this like teletubies!?

  5. raihan

    like it so much

  6. Sharyn

    That’s just beautiful! I love the way the shower in particular looks like it’s just grown that way.

  7. Art of Concept

    Jeez! This is truly amazing! LOVE IT! So inspiring! Great colors picks too!

  8. Betty


  9. Mihir Panchal

    I wanna live here all my life!.

  10. ran

    that kinda awesome….i thought that thing is only exist in my imagination,this is what i always dreaming of

  11. Madame

    Anyone remember the artist Roger Dean? He had an idea for something similar back in the 70’s. I wonder if he’s seen it?

  12. Gert

    Look, it’s admiral Akbar’s house. :D

  13. James Ward

    If Willie Wonka mates with Sponge Bob, this is where they would raise their kids. OK ….that was creepy, sorry. Cool house though.

  14. brittany


  15. kenji

    Very Gaudi-esque. I like it.

  16. Gromo

    Is near Mexico City, not New Mexico, I been there and it is just awesome….despite latest news, there are other things in Mexico besides violence.

  17. batelli

    Very nice work!

    And Kenji, I agree with you. Influences and details from Gaudí style, indeed! It remembers me the Batlló House, La Pedrera and Park Güell.

  18. Tara

    It is certainly well made.
    I could just live in it transiently, though.

  19. Lulu-Chan

    soooo awesome!

  20. Richa

    Wowwwwwwwwwww!! Hope they allow visitors ;) :P

  21. Mike

    I think I would feel like spongebob living in there

  22. Nell-o

    Used this house for my design board! It’s awesome

  23. kadal

    hmmm…..feels like in wonderland

  24. Single Girl

    I want I can live in this house in future with my husband

  25. Larna

    must be reallly expensive.but looks it.

  26. Leia

    Is anybody else screaming: ‘HIPPIE!!!!!!!’

  27. celia

    POSITIVE VIBE :) i LOVE to live there!

  28. lili


  29. nidia

    wooow..this house has already been on TV…but looks more amazing on those pictures. :D

  30. DANY

    In México City? HEY I LIVE IN MÉXICO CITY. Do you have the address? :D

  31. ratish.m

    i buld a same shell house after 10 years in bangalare

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