Groceries Arranged by Color

Groceries Arranged by Color

Colorful series of photographs by Marco Ugolini and Pedro Motta features various products from the supermarket grouped by their color. Enjoy!

Red Groceries

Blue Groceries

White Groceries

Black Groceries

Green Groceries

Yellow Groceries

For more inspiration, check out: Food Photography by Linda Lundgren

  1. Truthiness

    So grocery shopping is art now? I like to sort my Skittles by color before I eat them, next time I’m going to take a picture before I eat them and submit it for posting.

  2. AndySixbvb

    LMAO. I eat skittles like that too :P

  3. Bob

    That’s cool! They should have that option at the grocery stores! :D

  4. Tyrone

    I’d see the art if it was shelves of color, but randomly getting products of the same color? :L I eat my skittles by color aswell :P

  5. Jonathan

    This isn’t an art blog its just a place where toxel posts cool things. If your only looking for art go to a museum. get a life people

  6. Scottt

    The only problem I have with this post is that its been done before (better), and posted on toxel before…

    Other than that I can appreciate the whole organized by color thing, always interesting to look at.

  7. GeebsRilie

    Im neurotic I eat my M&Ms like that.

  8. c

    i find it very pleasing to the eye

  9. Pepsi

    Someone was bored it seems. >_>

  10. Ron

    I just wish it were arranged in such a way that I could better appreciate what the actual groceries were, instead of just “oh, a bunch of black bottles” and such.

    that said, it is still really interesting to look at, and it always surprises me just how well colors work as they say they do — I’m drawn in by the green and red, but my appetite isn’t as aroused by the blue.

  11. AA

    cool! i love the red one.

  12. iceage

    there ia something fattening about the black and yellow shopping. then you get the feeling that the white shopping is a really waste coz you woulding get any nutritionaL value whatsoever it like eating animal intestine what the name again type or taip???

  13. pampalas

    don’t you know that eating same food over and over again isn’t good for you?

  14. MMM

    It seems to me he just got things off the shelf and threw them into a shopping basket and took a picture. I wonder if he bothered to put them back or left them for some poor,minimun wage worker to put back? The prior ones I enjoyed more. They seemed to put some real thought behind them.

  15. Juzzi

    Still, it makes you think about their marketing.I never realized that yellow is used mostly for fun/party type food.

  16. Isaac

    Cool concept, but the photographs could be more interesting.. the angles are boring and the background is distracting.

  17. Danyell


  18. Raads

    @ iceage, it’s tripe, and no offence to whoever did this, but my little sister could do that aswell. she’s 4.

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