Portable Office on Wheels

Portable Office on Wheels

Kruikantoor is a mobile office designed by Tim Vinke from the Netherlands.

Constructed out of lightweight EPS foam, the office comes with two chairs, a table, built-in lights, power strips, and bookshelves.

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Mobile Office on Wheels

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  1. James Anzalone

    Wow!!! I mean.. this is really cool, and silly.

    ..and made of foam???

  2. Pete

    Now *that* is genius.

    Wonder what the weight limit is on those chairs

  3. evie

    cool but who would really wheel it around?

  4. Bob Apples

    Not exactly built for comfort! But totally awesome still. Any possibility for an expresso machine built in?

  5. Doober

    looks like something out of Beetlejuice.

  6. adkarta


    it would be nice to see people push their desk in the future

  7. Ben

    Where would I take it to?

  8. James Kieran

    My girlfriend said she rather normal table, but it worth a try.

  9. chazzzz

    Great concept, super idear, but why is it reminding me of a road sweepers cart ? perhaps a different colour would look more office like.

  10. Jannie Loper

    ridiculous and useless

  11. forumlogic

    I remember how much kids love transformer toys and I can see this idea working as a table and chairs for a child’s room – they’d love it! This would be great for preschoolers right through to a homework study area.

  12. CrazyGentleMan

    what’s the idea of using this office ?
    i don’t bring my office to my home or something !!
    so why i should buy i portable office ?!

  13. NCM

    It can be used in airport’s, for people waiting for there planes

  14. Joel

    Funny that there’s space for a coffee machine, but no place to store the computer.

  15. Ty

    It should be more ‘Africanised’… Off-roadish and designed to suite people who intend to be outdoors.

  16. sada

    I think it’s not a good idea .

    it’s very heavy to bush it around the city or the country .

  17. Raads

    soo cool! but i agree with forumlogic it would work with kids. its a really cool idea though! excellent
    oh yh and i agree with pete too :D u will have to be extra skinny – or mass less to be able to sit on that without it breaking – or they could just make the chair plastic n everything else foam :D

  18. Ben

    To NCM : Mmm, do you think that could be ok as a hand luggage ?

    Where’s the coffee machine ?
    Oh, wait a minute, I can take the office to Starbucks !


    Ben, there IS a coffee machine lol…

  20. daniel

    like it. the idea is not the practicality. but the craziness and the possibility.

  21. crazyideafactory

    Oh, I wish I would have come up with this. It is right up my ally. I would love to just move around at work wherever I pleased. If this office had its own generator to provide electricity, it would be even more awesome.

  22. wtyang24

    hmm makes the guy look like a common peddler :-(

  23. Scott

    I’m picturing it being used for people who have to set up office at an institution for a couple of days in a public area that may not have desks…something like Army recruiters and blood drives that get set up in lobbies and cafeterias.

  24. Anonyouse

    Exactly what problem is this solving? How is this better than a simple folding table and a couple of folding chairs – which would be lighter and more compact?

    More BS from ‘designers’.

  25. caaliosity

    Now tramps and bag ladies can look posh too.

  26. Airaloske

    why am I reminded of the lowest-class bedrooms from Starship Titanic?

  27. Olivia

    I think this is good for teachers–some are floaters and don’t have a classroom. They push their little carts around all day. This is much more efficient and allows for more open classrooms.

  28. Dave Jenkem

    It’s not made of foam. It is all made from depleted uranium for the weight advantage.

  29. blowd

    The coolest present for the worlds lamest guy.

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