Beautiful Leather Masks

Beautiful Leather Masks

California based artist Tom Banwell creates amazing masks out of leather.

Stylish masks handmade of vegetable tanned leather are shaped while wet to fit a face and then painted with an appropriate color.

Cool Leather Mask

Butterfly Leather Mask

Leather Mask

Modern Leather Mask

Stylish Leather Mask

Cool Mask

Unique Mask

For more designs, check out: Masks made from Fashion Magazines

  1. Kalai

    i love the raven one

  2. Aly

    Amazing. I want one!

  3. Maurice

    Love these! That last one seems very reminiscent of Donnie Darko.

  4. Erin Maree

    Love the butterfly one, the heart ones nice too :)I would love to own one!

  5. Betty

    A new Fashion accessory!

  6. Elvisio

    Lady Gaga needs to get this guy on her books

  7. Dumbo

    Who is wearing this crap

  8. miggy

    @Dumbo lady gaga would wear this kind of crap

  9. Mon Sun C

    these masks are gorgeous!

  10. Heideloh Ann

    These masks are fantastic .
    Love to see that there are true artists out there in the world thinking up new ways instead of following the crowds .

  11. Veronica

    I love the heart one. <3

  12. Cherry Blossom

    This SCREAMS Lady Gaga!!

  13. main loop

    Wow they are surprisingly affordable for the most part

  14. Paul

    Nicely done. But if you said ‘hey girls, just slap this cow skin on your face’ would it have the same ‘oooooh’ reaction from everyone?

  15. william

    Just slap cow skin on your face would it get the same reaction? what reaction do you get win you slap cow skin on your feet? what a dumb ass qustion!!!!!!!!!! i guess you a P.E.T.A. person.

  16. Jessica

    I LOVE the heart one the best. It is so awesome!

  17. Gazza

    Skin from a dead cow. Ugh.

  18. ayo4yayo

    these would be tight at a rave.

  19. Natali

    Beautiful!!! I love them all!!

  20. dani

    these are fierce. I’ve never seen leather masks before! the detailing is amazing

  21. Chris

    Perfect for the ren faire.

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