Creative Fruit Packaging

Creative Fruit Packaging

Eye-catching “Fruit Figures” packaging encourages kids to eat healthy food.

Clever packaging was designed by Scholz&Friends for German organic supermarket chain Fresh`NĀ“Friends.

Boring fruits were arranged into the shapes of familiar objects, cute animals, and whimsical characters.

Kids are encouraged to design and make their own fruit figures.

Fruit Tractor

Fruit Figure

Fruit Teddy Bear

Fruit Figures

Fruit Flower

Fruit Packaging

Fruit Kitten

Food Figure

Fruit Snail

Food Figures

Fruit Figures

Clever Fruit Packaging

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  1. BLUE

    Awww so cute! they should really market fruit to kids more. instead of making cute sugary snacks. make cute healhty food!

  2. Emma Rose

    Sooo cute!!!

  3. cole

    nice logo as well

  4. Ben

    Only a marketing gimic. No shelf life anymore.

  5. Roeland

    I dont like the idea. Very unfriendly for the environment while fruit can easely be sold without any packaging.

  6. nerd

    so how do they ensure that the arrangement is not destroyed in transit?

  7. Nisa Zul

    so cute… <3

  8. Gert

    What really bugs me is I don’t know a single kid that doesn’t LIKE fruit. Do this with vegetables and you might have something…

  9. Chad


    Kids are very susceptible to marketing gimmicks. In this case that power is being used for good instead of evil. Bravo!

  10. Douglas

    Kids or anyone else for that matter don’t require gimmicks to eat mother natures sweet treats. Plus, these seem to involve a lot of handling of the fruit pieces. Gross!!

  11. Betty

    Great idea!

  12. Machine

    All that fruits,
    having natural packaging on their own,
    wrapped up in plastic and more plastic,
    thats sad.

  13. adrian

    these are really – good and should encourage kids to eat more healthly with ease :)

  14. Tom

    Hugely wasteful in terms of how much packaging is used, and not actually that much fruit content.

  15. bugz

    I bet each of these packages cost much more than it would be to just buy the food separately. Why buy this when you can easily make this at home? These arrangements aren’t even that complicated.

  16. Max

    Waste of money and resources. Like previous posters said children will eat fruit, especially when you make it part of their (and your) diet.

    Still the thing that baffles me most that this is being sold in an organic supermarket, you would think they would be against squandering resources like this. Probably half of it will be thrown in the garbage by the end of the day.

  17. Larna

    if kids dont want to eat food, dont entertain them with these kind of pampering designed fruits.scold them with a cane. muahahahah.

  18. Bryant

    If you read the book “Why Shrink-Wrap a Cucumber: A Complete Guide to Environmental Packaging” by Lawrence King, he explains why packaging fruit and vegetables are more “environmentally friendly” in the long run. It’s quite interesting.

    The idea of this is best suited for marketing, not on the shelves.

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