Informative Dresser

Informative Dresser

Training Dresser will teach kids to put away their clothes in proper drawers.

Designed by Peter Bristol, informative drawers are shaped like different types of clothing. This unique dresser will look great in any bedroom.

Training Dresser

Unique Dresser

Modern Dresser

Visual Dresser

Informative Dresser

Creative Dresser

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  1. Kims

    This is an adorable addition to a child’s room! and thats a nice modern take on the rocking chair! haha

  2. Jam

    Shoot, id make an adult size and put it in my room!\

  3. Deanna

    i like!!

  4. peppy

    Poor use of space. And can’t girls wear pants?

  5. Larna

    Ah…lazy kids.

  6. Cj

    Looks flimsy and can’t put many clothes in there. It’s a cute idea, but I’d never consider buying one… and I have 5 kids that could REALLY use the organization reminders. We’ll just stick with our photos on the drawers (photo of pants where pants should go, etc.).

  7. Jesse

    I bet I’ll see this in Ikea in a couple of months :)

  8. el_macabron

    I agree with peppy, you miss a lot of space there, it`s a clever idea (not for lazy kids but for dumb kids) I guess this was made from the same genius mind who brought you “the Easy to Open Bottle Cap” or “Infographic Coins”, maybe there`s some t-shirts with the word “T-SHIRT” or something like “front” or “back” or left-right in their shoes, you got it right CJ, a sticker with a photo is a better and reallistic idea for the average kid…

  9. woops

    I doubt this will be at Ikea. It’s not very practical!

  10. Me

    I’m going to make one with one huge drawer shaped like a pile of clothes on the floor. That’s how I “store” my laundry… XD

  11. Gert

    Kid looks like my brother. He probably still needs a dresser like this at 39.

  12. bert

    this is cute

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