Hidden Garage in San Francisco

Hidden Garage in San Francisco

Four car garage was integrated into the bottom floor of the historic apartment building in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.

To preserve the Victorian facade, Beausoleil Architects have converted the bay windows into a secret garage door.

Hidden Garage

San Francisco

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  1. Jam

    if i lived there, id get one

  2. Blaino

    I wonder if people block it all the time though

  3. KKL

    The Driveway incline gave that away…..

  4. peppy

    @Blaino- Thats why there’s that beautiful, architecturally correct ‘no parking’ sign

  5. Fillibert

    the jeep is parked outside because it can’t fit. Seems like it’s lower than the other levels.

  6. Rumbler

    Wonder how structurally sound it would be in an earthquake.

  7. Hellie

    @ Rumbler – As structurally sound as any other built in garage surely? Just more discrete.

  8. Stefan

    stupid, hides the garage but he needs a ugly sign to avoid to be blockated.
    And how often will the sign be ignored?

  9. Waleed

    Who captured my house !!!

  10. Glenn Contreras

    I think a normal garage door with a big sticker simulating the real architecture, could be an easier solution.

  11. Kirvi_Inci

    They destroyed the front of a beautiful house for that monstrosity?!

  12. zeflik

    It could work relevantly well in Spain I guess. In Valencia for example, wherever there is a place where you can’t park on the walkway there is a yellow line painted on the curbstone there. And people respect that so no need for pesky signs like NO PARKING.

    Don’t like the way it opens though – look a bit “made in china” likeish …

  13. youngzm

    Where do you think Bruce Wayne got the idea for Wayne Manor?

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