Simplified Logos

Simplified Logos

Series of paintings by Dorothy features logos of popular companies stripped down to their basic graphic forms.

“You Took My Name” art project aims to prove that famous logos without typography are artworks in their own right. Can you identify all the logos?

Kodak Logo

Chupa Chups Logo

Levis Logo

Burger King Logo

Heineken Logo

MasterCard Logo

Coca-Cola Logo

For more inspiration, check out: 24 Cool Logos with Hidden Symbols

  1. Molly

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the second one.

  2. Stephan

    @ Molly – Chupa Chup

  3. Yen

    1 – Kodak
    2 – Chupa Chups
    3 – Levis
    4 – Burger king
    5 – Heineken
    6 – Master card
    7 – Coca cola

  4. KKL

    Molly: 2nd one is chupa chups

  5. Shirley

    that amused me for 30 seconds =]

  6. Lee


    2nd one is chupa chups

  7. c

    can’t say i’ve ever had a chupa chup

  8. perv

    dali designed the current chupa chups logo

  9. PauL B

    Hey Molly, not sure if you noticed..2nd ine is chupa chup..ha ha chops!
    This is really cool and pretty inovative, wouldn’t be suprised if this is the way logo will head..

  10. Levi Kodak

    @Molly, think the second one is Shell… Not sure about any of the others though.

  11. JJ

    @Molly it’s chupa chup :) lollies…mmm mmm

  12. Midet

    Haha, this is great :)
    Also, upon reading the word ‘Chupa chup’ so many times I realise what a weird name it is xD

  13. OL

    Don’t know if anyone noticed it but. If you can’t guess the brand, it shows it’s name when you rest your cursor on the picture.

  14. Steve

    I kind of want Coca Cola to embrace that logo now, looks great and contemporary! Yes yes, the inventor spent 6 months designing it but still….

    Anyways, why is Chupa Chups being mentioned with iconic brands I think is the more important question?

  15. Mapache

    Both kodak and master card look a little bit antiquated. They need more than simplification to get in the 21st century. Coca cola in the other hand looks tremendously avant garde.

    Yeah, I don’t get the chupa chups either. Even if that’s a Dali design, I couldn’t identify it until I read the comments.

  16. Corey

    These are simply logos, words removed. I don’t see the intricacy behind removing a word. Yes, they’re beautiful, but difficult to conceive, hardly. Try something a little harder that involves more creativity/manipulation! Those are the companies that could benefit most.

  17. Raads

    @ OL, lol, that was a kinda fail wasnt it? :P

  18. flottenheimer

    This is just like when Nike use the swoosh alone.
    Which is super nice.

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