Genetic Portraits

Genetic Portraits

Creative photo series by Canadian photographer Ulric Collette shows the resemblance between relatives and family members.

Unique portraits made out of combined faces of siblings, cousins, parents, and their children. People of different ages have the same features.

Mother / Daughter: Julie 61 and Isabelle 32

Ulric Collette

Father / Son: Denis 60 and Mathieu 25

Family Portrait

Sisters: Catherine 23 and Véronique 29


Sister / Brother: Karine 29 and Dany 25

Family Members

Mother / Daughter: Johanne 54 and Roxane 22

Family Photo

Father / Son: Denis 53 and William 28

Family Photos

Twins: Laurence 20 and Christine 20

Family Portraits

Twins: Alex 20 and Sandrine 20

Photographer Ulric Collette

Daughter / Mother: Marie-Pier 18 and N’sira 49

Portraits by Ulric Collette

Daughter / Father: Ismaëlle 10 and Ulric 32

Portraits Génétiques

Son / Father: Nathan 7 and Ulric 29

Genetic Portrait

Daughter / Father: Amélie 33 and Daniel 60


Sisters: Roxane 22 and Jill 25

Genetic Portraits by Ulric Collette

Cousins: Justine 29 and Ulric 29

Family Resemblance

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  1. sgh

    :) :O Wow!!

  2. Erwin

    Interesting, very nice

  3. Jimbo

    gives me the willies.

  4. Bradley

    A few of them look very creepy, like two people joined together. But most are very cool!

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