Loop Bridge

Loop Bridge

Unique pedestrian bridge with a large loop in the middle provides access to the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo.

Festina Lente (“hurry slowly”) bridge was designed by Amila Hrustic, Adnan Alagic, and Bojan Kanlic.

Spiral Bridge

Pedestrian Loop Bridge

Looped Bridge

Looping Bridge

Bridge in Sarajevo

Bridge with a Loop

Loop Bridge in Sarajevo

Academy of Fine Arts Bridge

Sarajevo Bridge

Festina Lente Bridge

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  1. Elya

    Thats so creative! I want one of those where I live, If only that actually made you go upside down.

  2. Sharyn

    What a great idea! I bet they had to put that bench thing there to prevent cyclists & skateboarders from trying to do the loop.

  3. kadal

    this will become a new favourite meet point.

  4. Tao

    I’m so glad they had the common sense to put those bars/chairs there, because I would have totally tried flipping this on a bike…which would have clear consequences.

  5. Steffen

    @Sharyn: That was my first thought too!

  6. Sangesh

    Yep, the bridge simply look quite cool. great design.

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