Creative Photo Manipulations

Creative Photo Manipulations

Spanish photographer Manu Pombrol creates mind blowing self-portraits by digitally modifying photographs in Adobe Photoshop.

Each amazing creation can take more than five hours to complete.

Zipper Head

Photo Manipulation

Manipulated Photo

Popcorn Head

Hand Face

I Love Chocolate

Face Off


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  1. ojanto

    hahaha! crazy!! but its so great!!! :)

  2. kookie

    I like the jar one

  3. G Loaf

    ahaha i love the one with the chocolate in the hand and all the heads going after it:))

  4. Dalla

    I absolutely love the one with his face spread out on his arms/hands. Amazing stuff! :)

  5. Elliott

    His head it filled with, apparently, the world’s largest popcorn kernels.

    I’m really not super impressed. You could probably find stuff of equal quality in half a dozen college photoshop courses.

  6. amy


  7. cycarla

    so cool!

  8. Ed


  9. hamid

    Its not bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anna

    Seriusly, I like this!

  11. Benjamin Christine

    I would love a bath like that jar!! really cool stuff! thanks

  12. mea


  13. enav

    lol at the jar….

  14. Kirvi Inci


  15. wtyang24

    i like the last photo. we read waaay too many things at one time

  16. Omega

    It’s all really well done. But it’s almost a bit creepy…

  17. Juliana

    a bit disturbing but cool too lol!


    all are good any tutorial for this so mail me the tuts link

  19. Ti @ Cafe

    The hands head one is amazing!

  20. eli

    it’s so great

  21. brittany

    so cool!!

  22. spyro

    Theis kind of make my stomach queezy

  23. Shade

    These are awesome!

    And @Ed….Good guess that these were photoshopped ;)

  24. jaqi mugo

    Any tutorial links on how to do this? Even for video? Love it!

  25. Karina

    can we please all laugh about the guy called Ed that SERIOUSLY wrote PHOTOSHOPPED under those so named manipulations.
    What a funny one.

    And btw. the manipulatins are awesome, though they are photoshopped -.- :D

  26. Ayoally

    I wish I could do something like this. looks like something you would do on Photoshop

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