Balancing House

Balancing House

Unusual four bedroom house designed by MVRDV and Mole Architects is balanced on the edge of a steep hill in Suffolk, England.

Known as the “Balancing Barn”, this cool house features reflective stainless steel exterior and beautiful plywood interior. It even comes with a swing.

Balancing Barn

Modern Interior

Dining Room






Modern Barn

Balancing Home

Balancing Building

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  1. Ms


  2. Niyari

    So like…..”No fat chicks”?

  3. Elphi

    I’d believe that this is safe enough, but I would still be paranoid. What if there was a storm, or a party of really heavy people crowded in the hanging side? The idea is really magnificent though. Definitely unconventional. I really like the floor window. I bet it would feel totally surreal to be looking down through that. <3

  4. Shandya

    Me too. It would be horrendous if someone swinging and the house falls and smash that unfortunate guy. The house looks awesome, though.

  5. Ninja Egg :D

    Im sooooo afraid of heights! No way im going in that house! it looks cool but scary at the same time..

  6. K

    Good thing I didn’t see this before our big earthquake this spring. I might have tried to do that with our house. Only, I would leave off the ugly tin-foil walls. What were they thinking? Chameleon? It looks like a space station crashed on the side of the hill. And I can’t wait to see the follow up photos two years from now when the owner has grown tired of polishing the entire outside of the house to make sure it keeps that like-new-shine.

  7. Immelmann

    One of the designers said it was reflective to “mirror the environment”, but I think it just makes it stick out and look obviously man-made. If it was made of wood, it would look at least *somewhat* natural, as opposed to a blatantly-manufactured box as it is now.

  8. Sharyn

    The idea is kind of cool – but I don’t like heights either so you’d never get me in there.

    I also can’t help wondering why you’d put a glass floor above the swing – unless you were a little bit on the pervy side.

  9. KraZy

    lets bring in the sumo fighters

  10. Purple

    I love the window in the floor and the wonky hallway… I’m not sure about the square toilet, though.

  11. Aldo

    I’ve never seen a model like this! what happens if an earthquake? wow

  12. SD

    Hehe, square toilets are in, i guess!

    Dont know about the metal skin but the interior is beautiful. Love the floor window. Nice decor too.

  13. Dominic

    Why is it balancing?

  14. Mab

    I like the interiors…but do you get roasted alive in the summer? How much does it cost to regulate the temp?

  15. David

    it looks cool, but i would never live in that, looks too dangerous if a natural disaster happened xD

  16. Amy

    This is defiantly where i want to live.

    @David, well it’s in England, we don’t get natural disasters here, all it needs to be is rainproof…

  17. Gert

    I’m not sure how tin foil mirrors the environment unless you live in an oven with baking potatoes but ok.

    Interesting concept but as some have said, not very practical for areas that have earth quakes or hurricanes.

  18. Jenn Staz

    This is an awesome site! Does anyone know how much it cost to build this guy? Also I’m a bit intrigued/ worried about that bathroom setup in the bedroom!

  19. M

    how very Frank Lloyd Wright!

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