Amazing Gravity Defying Photos

Amazing Gravity Defying Photos

Incredible photos by Chinese performance artist Li Wei depict people in extremely dangerous and unbelievable situations.

These amazing images were captured with the help of mirrors, rope, metal wires, and acrobatics. Photoshop was only used to remove the wires.

Strong Girl

Li Wei Art

Li Wei

Li Wei Photos

Li Wei Ballons

Li Wei Crashed Landing

Gravity Defying Wedding

Li Wei Boxing

Li Wei Landed

Strong Li Wei

Li Wei Speach

Li Wei on a Plane

Li Wei Lamp

Li Wei Basketball

Li Wei Swiming

Li Wei Flying

Li Wei Windshield

Amazing Gravity Defying Photo

Li Wei Window

Li Wei Artist

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  1. brittany

    these are awesome, the one with the guy as the arrow for the bow is hilarious

  2. Immelmann

    Awesome, looks like they had tons of fun doing these.

  3. Shaun


  4. Lilia Smiles

    WOW it actually looks pretty dangerous looking at the video. The rope doesn’t really look that thick and if the people accidentally let go of the rope he would’ve been a goner. But hey you got to give it to them they do some pretty ninja stuff!

  5. Alston Chun

    Omg, how to do like that?

  6. Art of Concept

    Thumbs up! Cool photos!

  7. Darrell

    Best. Vertical. Planking. EVAR!

  8. douglas

    Creativity – 10. Skill – 10. Fashion sense – 3.

    Girl throwing the guy looks right. Hanging on the plane is cool too. Wonder about the plane – year, make, model.

  9. Dave!

    would lijke to see some with the wires to see how they set it up…

  10. kadal

    i like the one with head crashing a jeep….

  11. trolololol

    OMG how do these people do this? the one with the plane, specifically… i mean, it seems really dangerous… THIS IS AMAZING. THESE PEOPLE ARE AWESOME. i wonder how much they work out to get that strong…

  12. Josh

    I love every single one of these.

  13. Edward Martinez

    Wow! An Ostrich-Man

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