Book Guns

Book Guns

New York based artist Robert The carves guns out of old books found in dumpsters and thrift store bins.

Books are lovingly vandalized back to life so they can assert themselves against the culture which turned them into debris.


Robert The Bookgun

Book Handgun

Carved Book Gun

Book Glock

Poetic Justice

Book Carving

Robert The Book Gun


Paper Gun

Paper Handgun

Open Book Gun

Book Gun


Holy Gun


Holy Bible Gun

Holy Bible Handgun

Bible Gun

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  1. The Hooded Claw

    The current obsession with making innocuous objects into gun shapes bores me.

  2. Matt

    Desecrating a bible by carving it into the shape of a gun… I hope this artist is prepared for a biblical flood of hate mail.

  3. Kev

    turn bible into weapons?!

  4. zak

    Does the analogy “Knowledge is a formidable weapon” ring a bell?

  5. Sharyn

    I get what he’s doing, and I think that the books he’s chosen are appropriate for the message he’s trying to convey. But I don’t think you can “lovingly vandalise” anything and I suggest he may have been better off reading some of the books rather than destroying them.

  6. Aidan

    Personally I like them, also I do not understand why people care if bibles are used. I’m atheist, so it isn’t a religious problem. Like it is only one of a million copies. And it’s not like he only uses bibles, there is no prejudice shown from what I see.

  7. Amanda

    I agree with you. Nothing wrong with using a bible. Very well done in my opinion.

  8. Urburos

    It’s a book, nothing more. Something about false idols and coveting or whatever.

  9. Atavar

    Yes, its a reaction to the fact the books had been thrown away, particularly the bibles, but that said i wonder the reaction if he tried it with a Koran?

  10. reason

    Converting books into art is fine. The Bible is another book.

  11. Zack

    He’s probably using Bibles because the bookmaking quality of Bibles are traditionally higher than your average book. Pull your heads out kids, the content in the books he’s recycling isn’t the focus, it’s what he’s turning them into.

    The guns are well made but I don’t really care for any of them conceptually. Book into a gun, and…? Someone with what looks to be his talents needs to push it far further.

  12. Person

    what a poopy rip off. all these books look in pretty good condition to me. i wouldnt mind finding books like THAT in a “thrift store/dumpster”.
    the most he might have done to keep these authentic is to leave them at a dumpster and pick them up immediately.

    maybe he was just trying to make his crappy art sound more interesting/creative with this lame excuse.

  13. Gert

    LOl Person. I agree. As for the issue with using the bible, as someone else pointed out, I doubt the response would be it’s just a book if it was the Koran.

    Sure, it’s just a book but it’s an important book to some of us that are not atheists. I really wish people would try to respect that.

  14. Subarulol

    I agree with both the atheist and the religous responses, i myself a christian, but atheist guy , insensitivity isnt needed by the fact you dont believe and for our religous peeps we not need ge so worked up.It may be holy but lets not scream frijoles :)

  15. Vic

    Maybe he was making a point out the irony that gun nuts tend to be self proclaimed Christians. Or maybe the number of people who have died in the name of religion, or that religion can be a weapon…

  16. Ivander

    this is cool, but c’mon… why is he cutting the HOLY BIBLE?? can he find another book??

  17. Phil

    meh, the bible has always been used as a weapon.

  18. Anyaie

    C’mon hypocrites, the bible is just a book. What i’m disapponted about is that i’m expecting more kinds guns :p

  19. Christina

    The artist could also possibly be trying to convey the concept of, “Words can kill.”

  20. invadersim

    i like what he’s doing.. also i find it very amusing so many moarn that he used bibles^^ come on guys, the only book where it really made a difference that he made a gun from – at least in my opinion – is “poetic justice”.

    not that i care about the book, but it’s funny to see “justice” connected to a gun LOL

  21. JB

    Go destroy another “book”…NOT the word of God.

  22. Janelle

    I think the Bible shaped as a gun is a great metaphor. don’t get all worked up about it!
    “the weapon I hold is the word of the living God.”

  23. Aidan

    I was never insensitive, I said I am atheist and that the book is just one of a million copies. It’s true, no single thing should be excluded from art. Some stupid christians (not all) have ruined plenty enough, art shouldn’t be one of them. He should not ‘have to find another book’ as the bible IS just another book. Like the Koran.

  24. JB

    Wrong Aidan, you are DEAD wrong.

    Whether you believe in God or not,
    You are putting “art” above God….
    He is the creator, art is man made.
    The koran is NOT the word of God.
    This is my last post.

    Merry CHRISTmas! :0)

  25. NS

    It’s clearly meant as a metaphor. The bible is used as a weapon every day. But go ahead, bible thumpers, raise a stink– artists love controversy, you’re only helping to promote it.

  26. VinceVega

    Ironic? Apropos?…you be the judge. either way, it’s art to me. I find it wonderful. who didn’t think “John Hinckley” when they saw the gun of “The Catcher in the Rye?”

  27. VinceVega

    and to be fair..if he were to use the Koran, he should cut it into a box cutter, not a gun. IMO.

  28. Katzpawz

    I would be interested to hear from the artist him/herself to find out what a statement is being made here. Surprisingly, as a Christian – I can see a world of insight into why a Bible may have been used in this manner. It isn’t MY personal form of art appreciation; but others may see it as such.

  29. DogNightMoon

    I loved the “Catcher In The Rye” one–cut into the shape of a .38 special, the gun that Mark Chapman (who happened to be obsessed with the book) shot John Lennon with.

    As for the Bible ones, I guess they’re provocative but kind of intellectually lazy. I mean, there’s the peace/violence juxtaposition–and MAYBE you could take it a step further as a nod to all the wars fought in the name of Christianity. But these wars happened centuries before semi-automatic handguns appeared. Unless the artist is trying to say that the wars in the Middle East are some kind new-fangled crusade?

  30. Aidan

    Why do we have people like JB putting the god they believe in in front of EVERYONES opinion. My word, why do people feel the need that their god may have some inferiority complex and needs his followers to shout out that their god is more important than everyone and other religions gods. Shame on you.

  31. Megan

    I love his artwork. Where can I buy it?

  32. Liv

    I would rather guns be turned to books please

  33. Mike


    I agree with you. The bible is just another book. And if JB thinks that EVERY bible is the word of God, then I’d like to see the printing press that has speech-to-text software connected to God’s microphone.

    And JB, you just proved a point. You say that the bible is God’s word, but not the Koran. A) That’s beyond ignorant and proves you don’t have a solid argument B) It is God’s word, just not your God. C)”You are putting “art” above God….” books are art, even the bible, so whether its turned into a gun or not you are putting art above your God.

    I’m atheist with a wishful thinking mentality that some religion will make sense, but until people stop getting all emotional over a book rather than their god(whether its turned into art or burned) I’ll never be able to fully grasp the concept of religion.

  34. Fyrehed

    I’m so glad they’re using Bibles–every time I go to a hotel I graffiti the bible available there, now I’m inspired to take it a step up and start carving.

  35. Aidan Prinsloo

    Ha! I’m more sad to see books destroyed (but that’s just a bibliophile’s private madness). I’m surprised that people are so stressed to see Bibles amongst the mix. Firstly, they are the most common printed media in the entire world – carving up one, or two, or even 20 won’t affect the extent to which one can access the Bible in this day and age. Anyways, if it’s God’s word, I don’t think reshaping a couple of copies of the translation will do anything to efface even a single letter of His message. Secondly, the message is striking, and in the way that good art should be. We should remember the Bible has been used as a weapon throughout history. Where I come from, the Bible has been used to justify Apartheid. Also, I’ve been on the ‘firing end’ of a couple of verses in my rather short time on this planet. I think it is very fitting.

  36. BIgDong

    The word of King James was in fact a weapon

  37. ynot

    These look great! I think it’s perfect to make a bible into a gun. Both the Protestant and Catholic churches in Germany used bibles to bless the guns of Nazi soldiers… so why not? (Godwins law)

  38. Joshua

    So Im wondering, When will you make a gun from the Quran?

  39. dave

    most of yall are acutaly lookin past what he is showing!! it has to do with the bible and there is a reason why he chose the bible!! there are bilions of copies of the bibles but how many people have it memorized word for word no one does!! look past what you see with your eye hes sayin the power of choice how many people pick up the bible every day and look past it with violence!! yall look past the gun and see the bible well turn it around as a message because in this picture hes sayin visaversa and makin a point!! think deeper!! and the reason why he probily didnt choose the quran is hes not islamic!! i respect the persons arT!! in my eyes the bible is a tool!! a weapon from God to help us fight against the spiritual war and the coruption of life!! i feel like it intrigues me!!

  40. Carson

    I must admit, while scrolling through the ‘book guns’ I was hoping to see a bible. It’s just so perfect. The bible is dangerous in the same way that a gun is. Amazing! Very cool and good work!

  41. six

    he should’ve used all bibles. they are hugely over abundant and there’s no facts or useful information…

  42. Will

    I actually didn’t care for these too much until I saw all the controversy they caused in the comments. That’s the reason art pieces like this need to exist.

  43. Will

    Looking back at the pieces again, aside from the bibles, they all seem to have their own message, some of it about the piece itself, like Poetic Justice, and The Medium is the Message, others about other social issues, like “Young Students” makes me think of things like school shootings, or the many bibles make me think of the excessive violence caused in the name of god (ANY god, that is). Overall, the collection is a statement about the value and power of information, learning, and knowledge.

  44. Cami

    Everyone whining about him not using the Qur’an… Would YOU use something that could put your life in danger?

    People crying christian persecution should get over themselves. It’s a message: Religion is dangerous (or maybe it’s some other message, I’m not the artist), the guy doesn’t need to make a gun out of EVERY HOLY BOOK IN EXISTENCE to convey his message.

    Geez some people are just too accustomed to special privileges.

  45. patrick

    hey i really like the simplicity of your metaphor, the fact that you have gotten so many comments about how wrong your choice is means youre inciting quite a bit of feeling.

    Personally, I’m curious aobut your choice to stick with hand guns, i could see an AK pattern fitting fairly well. I dont think you should worry about the scale so much

  46. Jason G. Whosoever

    we live in modern times, so our two edged sword of the Spirit has been transformed from an ancient sword, to a modern day form of the same weapon… and still the only weapon of choice the believer needs, the Word of the Living God. our ancestors had the sharpend two-edged sword of the Spirit, today we have the same weapon, and the same Holy Spirit, He’s just as sharp as ever… and today He is also a sharp shooter! don’t hate, don’t judge! thousands of years later and we still want God’s job, only God can judge… so let Him do his job already. Grace & Peace.

  47. Journey

    it’s amazing how long it took me to find the bottom of this page. you guys made me lose my train of thought.

  48. Trix

    There seems to be two sides here; for and against. To those for i say this: It’s true that the Bible is a sacred book to christians, and the book is indeed a masterpiece weapon, and that makes this book an analogy to explain the concept…thumbs up.

    And for those against: You guys are also right in the sense that the concept of these books are being shaped into shreds and also taking “art” in place of God. But if you guys think in the artist’s shoes, you’ll notice he is not just enjoying just carving books into guns, but he is passing a theology that the selected books with their various concepts are “mind blowing” and shoots your mind into a world of thinking and meditation. You guys should try and see it that way…..

  49. kc cristian

    I would like to purchase a black bible shaped as a gun. How much are they?

  50. Q

    Where can I order the Bible guns??

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