Heat Sensitive Table

Heat Sensitive Table

Modern table designed by Jay Watson reacts to heat and allows people to leave a temporary mark.

Handmade out of solid oak, “Linger a Little Longer” table is covered with black thermochromic coating that is sensitive to temperature change.

The surface responds to heat from a body part or a coffee mug and becomes transparent to reveal the wood beneath.

Unique table even comes with a matching heat sensitive bench.

Jay Watson

Thermochromic Table

Linger a Little Longer Table by Jay Watson

Heat Sensitive Mugs

Linger A Little Longer

Linger a Little Longer Table

Thermochromatic Table

Table by Jay Watson

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  1. Vinz Clortho

    The technology is cool. The application is creepy. Pants are a good thing.

  2. Serhio

    I’m not sure I’d like to leave an imprint of my rear end available for a public review in some cafe …

  3. LOL

    great way to compare asses

  4. jacklyn

    cool, but creepy.

  5. Ben

    Surely this technology could be better employed elsewhere.

  6. sonnel

    I like!

  7. argon

    maybe better paint just the table? ))

  8. Betty

    The table top maybe, but the seat? Not so much.

  9. erwin

    now you know who farted

  10. Dominic


  11. Masteroche


  12. Mark

    Do NOT sit on that naked. YIKES!

  13. Joe

    A floor painted with this stuff would be so cool!

  14. villageidiot

    Wouldn’t want to be a dinner guest for a couple who just did it on that table. lol

  15. Karen

    Oh science, why are you so cool.
    On the other hand, kinda creepy to know what’s been going on on your table.

  16. Fakhri

    One quesrion: what for?

  17. Alex

    Cool technology that could have great implementations. First off, knix painting the bench.

  18. beatriz

    what about price?

  19. Him

    This is awesome. And do the other people realize that it will go back to the original color once the temperature goes back to normal. These would be great in cafes, it would give a better sense that people are more than themselves.

  20. Enrico Martinez

    It may now be possible to know which girls uses panties or t-backs.
    How creepy.

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