Puppoose Dog Carrier

Puppoose Dog Carrier

Creative and innovative pet carrier designed by Shannon Beach allows you to easily transport your dog.

Puppoose dog carrier comes with 4 adjustable straps, neck cushion for your comfort, and security strap that will ensure the safety of your pet.

Dog Carrier

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Puppoose Carrier



Pet Carrier

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  1. bubbygus

    Cool, but dogs are meant to be walked, not carried…

  2. Ninja Egg :D

    I feel bad for the purse dogs……;(

  3. Nori

    Poor dogs, this is dumb.

  4. Professor

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

  5. Taz

    Let the damn dog walk. It’s what their legs are for. They don’t need further embarrassment at the doggie park.

  6. 4thgraderules!

    this would probrably be only comfortable for the lighter of the small dogs or the puppies. the dogs look happy in the photos, but i dont think they would be if they were carried in that for a long time… but i agree, dogs are ment to be by your side and can be trained to obey orders to sit and stay… carrying it as an assesory would just make it one.

  7. MMM


  8. tt

    this has gone too far.

  9. ccc

    The dogs are like “Wtf are you doing, put me down.”

  10. Katie

    Dogs can’t walk anymore?

  11. pops

    I think my Great Dane would look a little strange in one of them,i would also get a Hernia.

  12. kadal

    maybe this should be for injury dogs….if the dog in a healthy condition it would prefer walk or run chasing people….

  13. Reason

    Are these cheaper than a leash?

  14. Bernd

    Whole new meaning of the words ‘Doggy bag’..

  15. May

    Taz is absolutely right.

    It’s stupid, making the dog an object to show off is wrong and shallow

  16. Haggis

    Agree on it being a fashion accessory. Dumb. However owning two dogs of different ages, it would be very handy when the older one has had enough of walking and the young one is still full of energy.

  17. pTc

    In essence the dog now has positive pressure right around it’s rib cage, which is pretty integral to breathing. Thats one way to give your dog severe medical problems.

  18. yuck

    Looks very uncomfortable for the dog…and unhealthy.

  19. pattie

    i think its cute and an inovative idea… better than a carrier when the dog must be kept safe, like at the vet or during an airport stay….small dogs get under feet and sometimes dart off. i like it.

  20. pattie

    i could have used this today, i tested the pavement and it would have burned my mexican hairless dogs feet, i had to carry him, with my coffee and purse etc….

  21. Juliee

    So since when the hell did dogs become accsersories? This is totally unfair. And half the dogs dont look like they enjoy it. The models are complete selluts for this. Dogs should be walked. Not carried. Simple as. This is just stupid. Completely stupid.

  22. Atavistica

    So… Does the dog have a nappy or does it dump/wazz through the mesh of the bag? Is the bad water proof, or do the carriers have to wear water proof clothing?

  23. Bianca

    I would love to get this, but only because my puppy has bad legs, and he cant walk for long periods of time, but loves the outdoors, i saved him from a hoarder, and hes just the sweetest thing, if this was comfortable it’d be nice :) but i can only imagine people who have sick small dogs using this, or the dog is tired after walking, etc, otherwise it would be so silly :)

  24. Sigma

    I’m sure there are much better things for your dog than this, as said above this looks like it could do the dog more harm than good.

  25. jakesmom

    hey haters, my small ten year old dog would love this thing. he loves being outside, and needs to be next to me constantly, but tires quickly. just because it’s fashionable doesn’t mean you are making the dog a fashion accessory.
    this thing is genius for dogs like mine.
    also, to those of you with your leash comments – have you ever tried to hold a leash plus two or more other things? it’s difficult to do anything BUT control a leash when your dog is on one.

  26. jj

    @ Professor, i laughed so much at that comment. classic! my thoughts exactly.

  27. David

    Dogs are considered accessories now….?

  28. Patti

    I think these are really cute and not at all harmful to the dog. Give me a break people….relax! I was at a pet expo the other day and there were so many people it would have been so nice to have this so that my dog didn’t get trampled. I had to carry my dog because she is small and was not seen by the large gathering. Its not to make the dog an accessory, it’s to make it easier to carry your dog with you.

  29. Sabrina V

    To all the people think this is ridiculous: I have a senior dog who frequently needs to be carried, not because he is a fashion accessory, but because he’s old and doesn’t have the energy anymore. I’ve been looking for a hands-free way of toting him around with me so that he can still enjoy trips to the park and come out with me on nice days while I run my errands, and not be completely pooped. The boxy travel bags are difficult to maneuver through crowded areas with and a burden on the shoulders and neck. This doggy sling seems like exactly what I was looking for, a hands-free way of taking my dog outdoors with me that hugs the body and doesn’t take up much space. I say KUDOS!

  30. Dusty White

    Hey All…Don’t judge. I just rescued a tiny 3.75Lb teacup poodle who has problems with her back legs. She can only run or walk a very short distance and then she has to sit down. Now I have found a way to include her on the outings with my little Shichon. I just ordered this.

  31. Petunia

    This is a fab idea to carry your pet rather than shoving them in a bag. We just got a puppy and she can’t walk out on the pavement until she’s had all her needles. I’ve been strapping her to me in a scarf like a sling when I have to go out and its perfect as she’s safe but can still get used to all the outside noises. So for you people thinking it’s silly, you obviously don’t have dogs or don’t look after them properly!

  32. JK

    I have a small dog, that CANNOT keep up with me when I walk, she slows down, and then begs to be picked up. We are trying to increase our physical activity. I think it would be so much more cruel and inhumane to drag my small dog when they are obviously tired. I also think that it would be better than being left home in a crate than carried. All dog lovers should be able to indulge their love of the canine whether it be 4 lbs or 140 lbs.

  33. RJA

    I read the comments above and some of them make me really sad. You don’t know what it’s like to have a dog that can no longer run with his brother and go on long hikes, etc. (Because he just became diabetic and also has issues with his knees.) He loves the outdoors and wants to be with us all the time. I’ve been searching and searching for something that would be easy to carry him in. I’m not sure this is the answer or that it would be good for his body but just don’t judge “everyone” that has to carry their dog. Thanks. :)

  34. Nicole

    What am awesome idea! Just love it, can’t wait till it arrives. To all you haters out there, think a little before you judge. Not all dogs are built the same. So why not have them in a cool looking carrier if they need one.

  35. Rachel

    Well to all you haters out there, this is a wonderful idea to me! I would get lonely rollerblading in my small, teenie tiny town, so what would I do? Bring my little miniature pinscher to run with me for a few miles! When he gets tired? Put him in the sack, and keep going for a better workout for me, and the fun time never ends!

  36. Meghan

    Love it where do u get one

  37. roni

    I have a 10 lb yorki,, she is my service dog,,, great idea,, I need one,, hope I can get one,,, thank you for the design,,

  38. lucy

    We have 3 very active dogs – 2 jack Russells and a chug who love their walks!! One is going on her 2nd major knee surgery. I wish I had this for the first time!! She won’t get left behind this time! And we all can get outside for some exercise. Don’t hate on it! You never know when you might need one!

  39. Cindy

    What about dogs with arthritis etc .. i’ve been looking for something like this. :)

  40. AJ

    I have five dogs, sometimes 6, 2 chihuahuas (one waiting for jabs, other had broken leg before being dumped), 2 terriers (3 when dog minding, 1 with only 3 legs, other a very old lady) and a border collie 6m old. Obviously the chihuahuas cant keep up with the Collie. I absolutely love this idea, with the carriers we can all get exercise. I am going to make two then when the dogs get tired they can take it in turns in the pouch. Also its impossible to hold all on short leads for any length of time even with pairing on 1 lead. No longer will we be limited to local walks,long walkes here we all come!

  41. Nancy DuLac

    These aren’t only for purse dogs. I have 3 old Jack Russell mixes that still love hiking every morning. But they are getting fragile, and I’ve ended up carrying each of them at different times for different reasons. It gets hard on the back. I need a dog sling.

  42. Irene Mazur

    I think this is a great idea if you limit its use to the right circumstances. I am disabled and must walk with a cane and I have no one here to help me with things that physically challenge me. I have had difficulty getting to and from my car with my 20-lb. dog on rainy days since she hates getting wet. With a Puppoose, my hands would be free to use my cane and an umbrella and we would BOTH stay dry. Also, if she is ever sick or injured and cannot stand or walk on her own, this would help me tremendously in driving her to a vet. I don’t believe in using a Puppoose to show off a pet or to deprive a healthy dog of normal exercise.

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