Daydreaming Cat Photography

Daydreaming Cat Photography

Wonderful photo series by Theresa Knudson features creative portraits of her daydreaming cat.

California based photographer used scissors and colorful paper to make unique backgrounds for the photo shoot.

Daydreaming Cat


Sleeping Cat

Dreaming Cat

For more inspiration, check out: Creative Photos of a Sleeping Baby

  1. shante

    haha awesome!

  2. Mario K

    I wonder how long it took to keep that cat still! Awesome!

  3. c

    phat cat

  4. Nisa Zul


  5. Larna

    More more. Perhaps they should try different cats as well.

  6. Erin Maree

    Love them!!! The cat must be very paitent or she must bribe him =^.^=

  7. cupcake

    Mario K:
    i think they are sleeping

  8. Art of Concept

    Cool and funny art!

  9. ran

    cuteeeee……being an animal photographer is so hard,and this is the example of the hard job succeed

  10. atu

    the cat look like my cat junot. whoaaaa i like this very much!

  11. Jules

    For sure that was a dead cat!!! I can’t see any other option to have a cat in that many positions!

  12. Gert

    Looks just like one of my cats and Jules, it vastly depends upon the cat. Mine likes to sleep a lot.

  13. Elliott

    Yeah, trust me. Getting a cat to lay on the floor for a while is no great challenge.

  14. Heather

    I tried to take some pictures of my cat, they weren’t even featured like these, and it was impossible! You’re cat has to be extremely patient. You made wonderful photos.

  15. Kim Soares


  16. Midet

    My cat wouldn’t do this haha xD She is mean.
    These pictures are great :)

  17. jaqi mugo

    Aww! <3

  18. Larissa

    Ha, Ha! You must be thankful for that blue carpet to give you so many underwater and aerial shots!

  19. Diane

    What a beautiful red-bellied tabby. I bet he’s a sweetheart!

  20. Filipp

    Super Cute!

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