Soft Cabinets

Soft Cabinets

Innovative furniture made out of soft materials will securely hold your books, plates, and objects of different shapes and sizes.

Soft furniture designed by Dewi van de Klomp moves and changes shape depending on the volume of things inside the cabinet.

Dewi van de Klomp Soft Cabinets

Dewi van de Klomp

Soft Furniture

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  1. LOL

    They look like they need to poop…. badly

  2. Gert

    I’m guessing the designer doesn’t actually use dishes or books or cabinets. lol

  3. Chris

    Wouldn’t the get dirty quickly?

  4. Pearl Lambie

    Oh, hell no!

  5. Mandy

    Interesting idea… but it makes me too uncomfortable to think about having something like that in my house. It looks like its in pain.

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