Unforgettable photo series by talented American photographer Rion Sabean.

Men-Ups! calendar features images of men in different pin-up poses.

Men-Ups by Rion Sabean


Men in Pin-Up Poses

Men Doing Pin-Up Poses

Pin-Up Photo

Pin-Up Boy


Pin-Up by Rion Sabean



Pin-Ups by Rion Sabean

Pin-Up Model

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  1. Diego

    what is the point of this??? xD

  2. Darrell

    Haha This is really funny. I’d hang up a couple of these in muh room.

  3. Reus

    @Diego What’s the point of girl pin-ups. One’s just as frivolous as the other. Think girl pin ups are more exploitative though. What i don’t get is if this is intended for girls or gay men.

  4. Immelmann

    This is intended for neither. It’s a joke, pointing out how hilarious the poses for girl pin ups are. Taking them out of the context of a female model helps you to think about them objectively.

  5. savis

    lol so funny but women can get image from men work and in usual !

  6. Lilia Smiles

    Now this is funny!

  7. loopy

    Touch the hiney;)

  8. Amy

    Makes you realize how completely ridiculous pin ups are. It just looks silly with men, and its sad how we’re so used to seeing women in this way…

  9. ainm amaideach

    I think the whole point is to make us realise how stupid women really look when they pose like this for our (mens) entertainment!

  10. Betty

    These are hysterical…Thanks for the great laughs!!!

  11. MasterOche

    LMFAO!!! WTF!!! I can picture this pin up guys @ some people’s locker @ work!!!’

  12. Cory

    Whoever made these should be shot. What is our world coming to?

  13. Niyari

    ^Why so serious?
    This is freaking hilarious.

  14. JKent


  15. kahlie

    I love it!!!!
    I want it!!

  16. rooster

    why are they wearing ladies’ shoes?

  17. Monika

    I am a Lumberjack, and I’m OK…

    I want that calendar!

  18. flatsolid

    This is an absolute ridicule of the male eroticism. It is only convincing if seen as a mockery, which is obviously the true purpose of these pin-ups.

  19. Carolin

    LOVE !! best ideas ever – i want one for my wall

  20. gefrey

    I’m an OK, and I’m Lumberjack…

    Great calendar!

  21. itzir

    hahahahahahhaahhahahaha i love it!

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