Tent House

Tent House

Wooden house on a beautiful hill in rural Australia looks like a camping tent.

Inspired by a classic ‘A’ frame tent. Made out of sustainable hardwood.

JR’s Hut Kimo Estate designed by Luke Stanley and Anthony Hunt.

Tent Shaped House

Kimo Hut

Luke Stanley Architects

Anthony Hunt Design

JRs Hut Kimo Estate

Kimo Estate

Tent House in Australia

Camping House

Camping Tent House

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  1. Patrick McGinty

    No pictures of the kitchen or shower and toilet. No information on water, electricity or handling of waste water. No information on utilities. Why bother with gutters when you have gravel all around the house?

  2. Nathan

    Not sure how this is “inspired” by an A frame tent, its just an A frame house, a style that has been around for decades. It is a simple and elegant design though. The location is great.

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