Yoga Cats

Yoga Cats

Dan Borris, creator of Yoga Dogs, is back with another series of fun and uplifting photo manipulations that will bring a smile to your face.

This time, talented artist created wonderful images of adorable cats and kittens in classic yoga poses. [Yoga Cats and Kittens calendar]

Yoga Cat

Yoga Kittens

Daniel Borris Yoga Cats

Cat Yoga

Cute Yoga

Daniel Borris

Meditating Cat


Cat Does Yoga

Animal Yoga

Yoga Calendar

Adorable Cat Yoga

Yoga Cats Calendar

Yoga Cats Book

Pet Yoga

Yoga Kitten

For more inspiration, check out: Baby Animals and Cats in Wigs

  1. may

    So cute! Awesome pics

  2. erick

    Muy buenas imagenes!!!

  3. tabetha


  4. Nisa Zul

    so cute!!!

  5. Dominic

    lol, freaky but cool.

  6. Art of Concept

    really cute and neat work!

  7. Doc

    Didn’t like it. Obviously its photoshoped and no I am not unappreciative of imagination but cats and yoga?Really? If this was not altered then the taxidermist had way too much time and too many cat bodies to play with.

  8. Gert

    Um.. it’s supposed to be photoshopped.. duh….

    That said, these look like perfectly normal average cat poses to me. lol.

  9. Taco Tuesdays

    Cats are lame. NO ONE LIKES CATS.

  10. Shandya

    What’s up with all those hate comment? How could anyone hate cats? Everyone love cats! They are adorable. :D

  11. Janey Samson

    Wow, these cats are adorable. Very creative and funny. Good job!

  12. tt


    cats make everything adorable but with that said, it’s still fairly unimaginative. good job though.

    and yes, these are just normal cat poses, they do these freaky things with their fluffy bodies all the time

  13. Chedie

    These are so adorable! True, these can show how flexible cats can be. Fairly unimaginative, although very squishingly cute XD

  14. Adam

    seriously… who has the spare time totake these pictures >.<

  15. Nancy Stein

    Anyone who can’t see the charm in all these pictures has no sense of humor or love for animals.

  16. ana

    cat doesn’t need any yoga.
    but they are still adorable.

  17. myla

    Wow ! i love cats.. and i love there positions :) sO CUTE ! :))

  18. Marshall

    wow these cat photos really resemble what my 6 cats at home do throughout the day except the meditating picture of the kitten that is more hamster
    but still really cute and funny pictures

  19. Marshall

    Ok this is still cute even though it is only b49% accurate

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