Paper Gadgets

Paper Gadgets

Unique paper sculptures made by French graphic design studio Zim & Zou.

Inspired by classic electronic devices, Thibault Zimmermann and Lucie Thomas created paper versions of mobile phone, floppy disk, cassette tape, Game Boy, NES controller, Sony Walkman, and iconic cameras.

Paper Technology

Paper Camera

Paper Film

Paper Film Camera

Floppy Disk

Paper Floppy Disk

Paper Polaroid

Paper Polaroid Camera

Paper NES Controller

Paper Game Boy

Paper GameBoy

Paper Cell Phone

Paper Phone

Paper Cassette Tape

Paper Walkman

Paper Sony Walkman

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  1. Shaun

    can they work? :D

  2. Nisa Zul

    so COOL!!!! love it..

  3. hamid

    are they real? !

  4. woops

    The cassette tape, tetris, and film blew my mind


    soooooooooooooo beautiful, is it a toy!

  6. Icedlemonade

    Hahahaha…. Ask Chinese people, paper gadgets are for “dead people”!

  7. Darrell

    They’re “sculptures”. It would be more impressive if they did work :/

  8. Amy

    now this is awesome! the film would be cooler if it could actually be put into the camera :3

  9. Katie

    This is so cool. :)

  10. douglas

    Imagine showing these to a younger person. Mommy, what? You actually used something like this. Nice craft, but….

  11. Gert

    And why did Lisa Frank have to go and throw up on them?

  12. Me

    WOW!!! These are absolutely amazing!!! Do they actually work?

  13. OOO


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