Future Fossils

Future Fossils

Cameras, joysticks, turntables, and other gadgets made out of cement by Rebecca Johnson and Jeff Klarin of Bughouse design studio.

Detailed fossil sculptures were individually cast and color stained.

Argus Camera

Argus Camera Fossil


Turntable Fossil

Olympus Camera

Olympus Camera Fossil

Rollei Camera

Rollei Camera Fossil

16mm Camera

16mm Camera Fossil

Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Camera Fossil

8mm Camera

8mm Camera Fossil

8mm Camera with Zoom Lens

8mm Zoom Fossil


Joystick Fossil

Nikon Camera

Nikon Camera Fossil

For more concrete art, check out: BMW Car made from Stone

  1. TyroneKit

    Seems like something after an apocolypse.

  2. Barrie G. Hall

    That’s what I call a paper weight.

  3. Zack

    Artifacts, not fossils. Ever been to a museum?

  4. Gert

    @Zack is correct. Fossils were once the actual thing which has been turned into stone. Cement is not stone and it most certainly did not replace the structure of the original item.

    Perhaps a better understanding of the English language is in order for whichever Toxel writer who posted this?

  5. Glitterati

    Amazing :)

  6. Ed

    @Zack I think you’re missing the point here…

  7. Hofgen


    I think you’re missing Zack’s point here.

  8. Enrico Martinez

    Its a molded sculpture.
    Its more of Artifact than Fossil.
    My Own Definition by “time-frame”
    *Artifact is newer; Fossil is older
    From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

    Definition of FOSSIL
    preserved from a past geologic age

    Definition of ARTIFACT
    something created by humans usually for a practical purpose; especially : an object remaining from a particular period

  9. spanki franki

    there is always 1 know it all :P

    they are really interesting

  10. Mark

    “Future Fossils” alliteration. . .good tagline. . chill out

  11. mike g

    that’s right Mark

    it’s the concept of “future fossils”
    and what’ll be the fossils are the real stuffs these artifacts represented

  12. gfgfgfgf

    All of you are missing the point here. The world “fossil” is used because it sounds better than future artifact. All (or most of you) have taken this way too seriously!

  13. Lilia Smiles

    ^I agree with gfgfgfgf…take it easy guys all of this is just for enjoyment anyways. By the way I really like the concept, I remember using a joystick to play the Tarzan game on the computer.

  14. Marc the shark

    Great concept! One day in the very far future items of our modern World will quite likely become fossilized. Plastic and most metals eventually biodegrade, and could possibly be replaced by mineral deposits.
    This is a fun way of predicting what such things could look like in millions of years from now.
    Not as amusing as the few jejune comments here :p

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