Guinea Pig Olympics

Guinea Pig Olympics

Uplifting images created by Paul Cocken show us what would happen if cute animals were allowed to compete in the Olympic Games.

Photo manipulations were commissioned by Maverick Arts Publishing.

No animals were harmed in the making of Guinea Pig Games calendar.

Guinea Pig Olympic Games

Relay Running

Guinea Pig Games

Javelin Throw

Guinea Pig Games Calendar


Animal Athletes Calendar


Guinea Pig Calendar

Table Tennis

The Guinea Pig Olympics

Marathon Running

Animal Athletes


Guinea Pig Games Maverick Calendar

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Animal Olympic Games


The Guinea Pig Games

Pole Vault

Guinea Pigs Calendar


Guinea Pig Summer Olympics


Olympic Games Calendar

Show Jumping

Guinea Pig


Guinea Pig Olympics Calendar

Synchronized Diving

Guinea Pigs


Animal Olympics


Olympics Calendar

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  1. Painted

    Super cute! Might show my guinea pig these photo’s for some inspiration to loose his fat belly ;)

  2. The Thinking Insomniac

    LOL.. This is funny!

  3. MasterOche


  4. Art of Concept

    Wow…this is truly fantastic! I’m surprised I submitted it to Stumbleupon, I can’t believe I’m the first one to like this! Thumbs up then! GReat post! =)

  5. Gian

    The fencing pigs use no masks! How can they be allowed to compete?

  6. Pig_Guinea

    Ummm, well they did have corks at the end of the saber (if you were even paying attention). So it is COMPLETELY safe. And this was obviously a practice round (if you even looked at the sabers) they had the standard red practice hilt/guard. If they were actually competing it would be silver… *Sigh* some people now a days

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