VIBESPIN Portable Record Player

VIBESPIN Portable Record Player

In an era dominated by digital music, portable record player offers a refreshing return to the tactile and nostalgic experience of listening to vinyl records.

VIBESPIN portable record player combines 1950s retro design with modern features, including fully cordless battery operation, a premium Japanese needle, and a built-in speaker for great sound.

Whether you are planning a camping trip, hosting a house party, or simply lounging at home, VIBESPIN is the best record player for any occasion.

Rediscover the joy of analog music with VIBESPIN, the ultimate portable turntable designed for vinyl enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

Portable Record Player

Built-in speaker eliminates the need for additional audio equipment, making high-quality sound accessible anytime, anywhere.

VIBESPIN Record Player

To deliver the best possible sound, VIBESPIN is equipped with a premium cartridge-type needle from CHUDEN of Japan.

VIBESPIN supports 7”, 10″, and 12” vinyl records at 33 and 45 RPM. Includes 3.5mm audio and Bluetooth 5.3 outputs for versatile connectivity.

Portable Record Player

The internal battery life is another highlight, allowing you to play over 20 standard 12” LP records on a single charge.

Portable Turntable Player

Transparent cover, made from scratch and impact-resistant polymer, protects VIBESPIN portable record player from dings and splashes.

Portable Turntable

Turntable with simple operation: lower the needle to play, raise it to pause.

VIBESPIN Turntable

Retro-styled, fully cordless record player with a premium Japanese needle and built-in speaker is perfect for music lovers on the go.


Designed to be one of the smallest record players available, VIBESPIN is very easy to store and transport.

Portable Vinyl Player

Unlike traditional turntables, VIBESPIN operates without any external power source or cords, offering unprecedented portability and convenience.

Portable Vinyl Record Player

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