Wine Cork Art

Wine Cork Art

Unique portraits created by Scott Gundersen out of thousands of wine corks.

The artist first uses thousands of nails to draw an outline of a face and then completes the portrait with strategically arranged recycled wine corks.

Wine Cork Portraits

Wine Cork Art by Scott Gundersen

Wine Cork Portraits by Scott Gundersen

Wine Cork Painting

Scott Gundersen

Wine Cork Painting by Scott Gundersen

Wine Cork Face

Wine Cork Portrait

Wine Cork Portrait by Scott Gundersen

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  1. minions

    I love the idea! How about a portrait of the little girl?

  2. Gert

    That is really coo :D

  3. rins

    it s really fantastic and painfull work. it needs more passion and patience…

  4. Max

    Reminds me of the Italian artist who painted lifelike portraits a while ago. Again I don’t see the point of doing something like this: it’s boring bitmap/pixel portrait art with wine corks. The tool of trade could just have well been different coloured post-its, erasers or pieces of chewing gum… Why not investigate and explore the concept of the wine cork in relation to visual art or mass media? Now its just an expression of an skillset, not a piece of art or design.

    Whatever pays the taxes I guess

  5. woops

    @ Max


  6. sir woof alot

    the art of thou lightness is an art on its own. has thy for yeee? bananas.

  7. Lance

    @ Max

    You still don’t get it do you? I’ve seen another of your comments about a piece of art where you asked ‘why do this’.

    You’ll get it one day my friend.

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