Photo Realistic Pen Drawings

Photo Realistic Pen Drawings

Ballpoint pen drawings by talented London based artist James Mylne can be mistaken for real photographs.

Each photorealistic drawing requires high level of concentration, takes hundreds of hours to complete, and can be ruined with a single mistake.

Drawn with BIC ballpoint pens, beautiful artworks are extremely detailed.

Photo Realistic Pen Drawing

Photo Realistic Drawings

Realistic Pen Drawings

Realistic Drawings

Ballpoint Pen Drawings

James Mylne

Realistic Drawing

Photorealistic Pen Drawing

Drawing by James Mylne

Ballpoint Pen Artworks

Pen Artwork

Pen Drawings

Realistic Pen Drawing

Ballpoint Pen Artwork

Photorealistic Drawing

Ballpoint Pen Drawing

Photorealistic Drawing

Photo Realistic Drawing

Drawings by James Mylne

Pen Drawings by James Mylne

Pen Drawing by James Mylne

Pen Drawing

Photorealistic Pen Drawings

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  1. jhody

    amazing… mind blowing artwork!!!!

  2. Alex Clark

    I wish I had a fraction of the talent shown here !

  3. cole

    yeah, incredible – the basquiat is my favorite

  4. kadal

    i was jealous and i want to feel the satisfaction as the artist feel after finishing the drawing, must be super great…..very nice talent!!!

  5. PaulB

    These are f@cking wild! I want these in my home!

  6. E


  7. Pavel

    Very talented work !!!

  8. Phil

    What’s the point??

  9. poet


    The point is demonstration of skill, if you can copy a photo that exists in photo-realistic precision, you can also make a photo that does not exist in photo-realistic precision.

  10. Matt


  11. nanobelle

    As an artist that specializes in photo realism I still question whether something qualifies as art if the artist is merely copying something like an inkjet printer. There seems to be little planning, only execution. There is no doubt to ability but is it talent for art or mere mimicry? By duplicating in such rote it seems to make it a trick and nothing more.

  12. Ahmet Uzun

    Are they real?

  13. Gert

    Yes Ahmet, those are real. I can do the same thing but I do it in pencil. Doing it in pen is MUCH harder and I suspect he starts with a pencil drawing or at least a light box over a sketch.

  14. Joe

    It always amazes me to see people who think that complete mastery of something is pointless. It doesn’t matter what kind of value the end product has, the art to me is the process of achieving the level of proficiency in order to produce it. It takes a certain kind of dedication to reach such a level, whether it be with visual art, musicianship, athleticism, or any number of mechanical skills. Take the end product of any one of such pursuits and view it as an object, in and of itself, and you won’t find any objective value (subjective, utilitarian conceptions aside, which I think defeat the purpose of art, anyway). The value is that each piece is a monument to the process of its creation; a tiny window into the mind of the artist.

  15. NIcé

    Well what I think they should do is to apply the realistic drawing onto something imaginative and unrealistic (by means not existant in the world). Not just imitating what a camera can already do.

  16. Karen

    How are people that good!

  17. Kid

    @Joe – Thank you for grounding the conversation. For those that question art (whether it be the process, end result, or anything in between), take your head out of your ass and refer to Joe’s response. This applies to just about every idiotic comment that comes through the front page everyday on this site attacking artistic value.


    just another stupid way of copying photographs. thats not true, he could do this without an original photo, i’m sure.

  19. Jade

    While everyones entitled to their opinion on this..
    im not a fan

    He’s a human photocopier, the end result expresses no creativity and i guess subjectively that doesn’t interest me.

  20. Running man

    I don’t even believe that this is about skill, or showing off, or especially that it is pointless. I believe that this and any form of art, or anything at all really, is about doing what you love to do. Being you. Showing people what you love to do, and being proud of it. So to all of the people that think this is pointless and stupid, go find something you love to do. be proud of that.

  21. NIcé

    It is just so weird that now people can draw like this but not in the past.

  22. Swamy

    One Word… Wow

  23. Joe

    @ NIcé

    Ever heard of Michealangelo? DaVinci? Even Picasso, before he turned to cubism, produced incredibly photorealistic sketches. In the past, these skills were a requirement in order to be an artist, and only after you mastered them, would you adopt a style of your own. Nowadays, in a world where so many artists skip the fundamentals and go straight into stylizing, photorealism is often the end product rather than just a way for the artist to cut their teeth. It used to be practice for those old masters, and didn’t often show up in their works at this level, but you can definitely see it in their old sketch books. Nevertheless, it still impresses me to see it.

  24. caroline c

    just fantastic what wonderful talent walks our earth if you feel drawn to a psinting, sketch, piece of music, a man or woman then surely art is not about good or bad, accurate technics, its about personal choice. if some paintings etc dont do it for you it does not mean they are not brilliant works of art it means you get anyting from it but someone else will if we all liked the.same things it would be s pretty lonley boring world just see something for what it is if its for you great if its not move on dont analyse too much after all art is here to entertain and enjoy.

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