Money Sculptures

Money Sculptures

Canadian artist Kristi Malakoff makes unique sculptures out of real money.

Banknotes from all over the world transformed into beautiful works of art.

Money Sculpture

Currency Sculptures

Kristi Malakoff

Currency Sculpture

Money Pieces by Kristi Malakoff

Money Sculptures by Kristi Malakoff

Money Art by Kristi Malakoff

Currency Sculptures by Kristi Malakoff

Dollar Sculpture by Kristi Malakoff

Currency Sculpture by Kristi Malakoff

Dollar Sculptures by Kristi Malakoff

Dollar Sculpture

Money Sculpture by Kristi Malakoff

Dollar Sculptures

Money Art

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  1. Aditya

    Woow… this is really nice art. I love the flower. its look cherful…

  2. Aya

    nice and very creative..

  3. Chewie

    Hmmmmm its literally origami but they changed the material, I don’t think changing the material should be highly raised as it isn’t something to brag about, but the sculptures are nice, I prefer the last one tho must of been a puzzle to do.

  4. Pavel

    not a cheap exercise

  5. Kittu

    Its turned out very beautiful….. though these sculptures must have costed him a fortune!

  6. Betty

    Oh my gosh! These are amazing! The one of the group of children is just breath taking.

  7. Matt

    money well spent?

  8. Gert

    Not sure what exactly Chewie’s point is actually.

  9. Chewie

    Gert, My main point was that this sculpture could of been made out of paper, cardboard, origami paper etc… But the use money for the sculpture, people say it’s amazing just because of that factor which take’s away the wow factor. Not saying this design is bad tho.

  10. Superstar

    This is actually illegal to do with a lot of currencies. You may own the money but you’re not allowed to “destroy” it.

  11. aokiharu

    I liked the origami ones! If somebody give me the money, I can make any origami kusudamas that people want!

  12. kelly Tozarin

    She must be very rich!

  13. eddie

    Worth every cent– and then some.

  14. Karen

    These are gorgeous! I like the coloured ones

  15. ratna

    so cute and nice can i know the process to prepare this flowers

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