Incredible Paper Sculptures

Incredible Paper Sculptures

Wonderful 3D sculptures made by Canadian paper artist Calvin Nicholls.

Calvin has been creating paper sculptures since the mid 1980’s from his studio north of Toronto. When each sculpture is complete, the artist uses lighting to emphasize important elements and texture.

Paper Animal

3D Paper Sculptures

Paper Sculpture

Paper Creations

Paper Art

Paper Frog

3D Paper Art

Paper Sculptures

Paper Birds

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  1. ran

    love those amazing masterpieces

  2. miggy

    oh man this is a work of art totally awesome

  3. Meow

    Talent. Absolute respect!

  4. anonymous194

    OMG, I think this guy went to my secondary school… There are some very similar works in the library.

    But yeah, the amount of detail is incredible.

  5. Mrs.Quiseng

    Pandas are awesome.

  6. gunneos

    stunning. i wonder how he did it! must have taken an incredible amount of patience

  7. inan

    new way of putting the old kitsch

  8. Heideloh Ann

    Wow is all I can say about this new form of art .

  9. Shiraz

    extremely awesome, mind blowing no other words because I can’t think of any other…..

  10. MMM

    Lovely, just lovely…

  11. Lyn Deutsch

    Fantastic artworks!

  12. Mary (USA)

    Incredible talent!!

  13. Michela

    beautiful works!

  14. Jay Moss

    Holy Sh**! is that even possible!?
    Iv never seen so many details! simply awesome!

  15. silverjade

    amazing… neat, so beautiful…like it so much

  16. Flicka

    Making reliefs is hard enough !
    These are spectacular…

  17. Joy

    that must be very complicated

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