Dog Hair Sweaters

Dog Hair Sweaters

Doume Jalat-Dehen makes warm socks, hats, and sweaters out of dog’s hair.

Knitted creations are showcased in series of photos by Erwan Fichou:

Dog owners proudly wear sweaters made out of their dog’s hair.

Dog Sweaters

Dog Fur Sweater

Dog Clothing

Dog Fur Clothing

Dog Hair Sweater

Dog Sweater

Dog Fur Sweaters

Knitter Dog Hair Sweaters

Dog Hair Clothing

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  1. minions

    Nice, but uh…

  2. AK

    hmm.. No Pomeranian or Chihuahua owners care for these things, it would appear.

  3. reason

    I guess if you’re going to wear an ugly sweater, you might as well have a story to tell.

  4. Wendy

    Brings new meaning to the phrase “Hair ‘o the dog”!

  5. Fillibert

    I’ve seen good looking dog hair products, what gives? If you are going to showcase something, wouldn’t you want to make it look as good as possible?

  6. Betty

    These are beautiful and they look really warm. I don’t see what the problem is. If I spent a lot of time keeping a beloved dog groomed, it would be wonderful to have such an amazing garment to show for it.

  7. Gert

    As Betty proved.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This beholder thinks this is silly.

  8. K

    I know someone that did this, and she loved it… especially after the dog passed. It was a nice memento.

    I’m not a dog person, so this is definitely not my thing… plus how would you clean it? Wouldn’t it smell and fall apart?

  9. Chari

    @K, One could ask the same thing about the grimy sheep fur we use in wool garments.:-P Dog fur can be cleaned, deodorized, and spun into sturdy yarn just like any other animal fiber. Of course, it has to be long enough to work with, thus the reason fluffy breeds are more popular for this sort of thing.

  10. Douglas

    Do you shear the dog to get enough hair to work with? Wouldn’t you want a more refined yarn? Those things are uuuuugly.

  11. Yona

    What if it get’s wet..

  12. Ru

    They look like they have a lot of fluff to them, similar to mohair or angora, so they’d probably be quite itchy. I don’t think you’d have to shave a dog to get it, anyone who’s owned a fluffy pet knows that when you groom them with a normal brush you can sometimes end up with enough fluff to sculpt into a doppelgänger! If I was doing this I’d spin it only as a small percentage of the overall fibre, mixed with something a bit more refined and easier to work with like merino.

    One can argue that this is an efficient thing to do- after all, you feed your dog and look after it, why not use its waste product for something? They used to use dog poo to tan leather, you know. I’m a great believer in working dog breeds, no reason this work shouldn’t include fibre production!

  13. Karen

    This would be gross if it wasn’t so cool!

  14. E

    Okay, so the styles are not that fashionable, and the people who wear them are the ordinary people, and the size is a bit over to fit on the bodies. But the sweaters, vests and coats look soft and warm. I would want to have one make if I have dog even just for a memento sake.

  15. kadal

    i love the dog on the last picture….

  16. woops

    Those probably smell horrible after 3 days

  17. Rio

    what about a kitty sweater?

  18. Jimbo

    Dog hair is more like cotton in terms of it’s length and consistency. The wool fiber has a long staple that literally links to other wool like little hooks. Dog and many other animals hair can be spun and knit or woven into fabrics but it has to be mixed with wool. There is no smell, and it can be quite luxurious. The USA is a bit prudish but for cause. People would be breeding dogs simply for their hair. It’s not illegal to use a dogs hair to make a garmet, but it is illegal to sell a garment made of dog hair.

  19. Babak

    I have a fat lazy hairy dog. I didn’t know he might as well be useful ! :-D

  20. Andrea Parrish

    No what happens to dog hair when it gets wet? Yep, it smells like wet dog!!!!!

  21. Journey

    Am I the only person thinking about Cruella DeVille right now?

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