Rocking Chair for Pet Owners

Rocking Chair for Pet Owners

Wooden rocking chair designed by Paul Kweton for people and their pets.

Rocking-2-gether chair with integrated cat/dog house combines the idea of shelter and body relaxation. Relax and spend time with your cat or dog.

Rocking Chair by Paul Kweton

Pet Rocking Chair

Dog Rocking Chair

Dog House Rocking Chair

Rocking-2-gether Chair

Paul Kweton Rocking Chair

Paul Kweton


Paul Kweton Chair

Cat Bed Rocking Chair

Cat Rocking Chair

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  1. Bill

    Sorta cool. But I wonder if cats get motion-sick?

  2. Cam

    Is a nice idea, though a bit dangerous for the pet. It would be very easy for your pets tail to get squished when rocking.

  3. Lilia Smiles

    I agree with Cam…yikes!

  4. elika

    i’m not sure if pets gonna like it:)) anyway nice idea,and good job!

  5. Daneel

    Too dangerous!!! What happens if my little pet moves the tail under and ahead the seat and I get up?
    Design means the union between functionality and beauty but the root of the process starts from security.

  6. Dominic

    My dog would HATE this, and me for making her sleep in this!

    Nice idea but no, i dont think so!

  7. Douglas

    Agree with elika, just because you like it doesn’t mean the pet will. Fail.

    Probably won’t’ blend either.

  8. Rudy

    Pet hazard!

    Nice design but very very wrong to bring up that sales feature.
    It will kill potential sales. Not smart – fail…

  9. Rudy

    Another fail.
    Use of wing nuts is not only estethically bad but also not safe.
    Barrel nuts would be the hardware of choice.
    It’s flush with the wood surface.

  10. chris

    The “designer” never owned a pet. None of my pets ever liked to be rocked esp cats. And thats besides the fact of little feet getting caught under the chair.

  11. Nathan B.

    Despite the fact that it may be risky for pets with tails, I still think that it’s a great idea brought to life in an aesthetically pleasing way.

    Nice design/build.

  12. KJ

    My cat loves to rock. Sometimes in my lap and sometimes on the back of my chair. Animals know where their tail is. I think they would get used to this very quickly if they like to rock.

    I agree with the wing nut comment. You want some kind of connector that doesn’t stick out either way.

  13. Danyell

    The danger would be easily fixed by getting rid of the slats and making the bottom one solid piece of wood.

  14. Brenda

    Great idea! I agree with KJ 4-30-2012 post. A smooth rubber cap could be created to cover the wing nuts for safety.

  15. RooTer

    Make it fixed (flat bottom) and it would be a win. As a rocking chair it is irresponsible to sell

  16. mara moon

    i love it and think its a great chair !my cats would have a blast!

  17. Sharyn

    Nah, my cat only wants to sit in the chair I’m sitting in. I move, he moves, I move again, he moves again.

  18. Karl

    Imagine, a nice summers day reading a book in the afternoon sun. With Whiskers the kitten playful under our chair, when suddenly he spots something dangling from your pants…

  19. Aviva

    very smart

  20. Cape Codder

    I agree with those that said it should be a flat piece of wood – too much risk of injury to tails. My dogs would love it.

    My cats? Probably not so much. I love the idea behind it, but just needs tweaking.

  21. Shohel Rana

    The danger would be easily fixed by getting rid of the slats and making the bottom one solid piece of wood.

  22. Liz

    ^ Not quite, if my dog were getting up to walk away he could get his paw stuck under the edge of the chair. If I were sitting there rocking I wouldn’t notice and rock right over his paw :c

  23. Enrico Martinez

    I agree with Liz.

    Even if this rocking chair’s bottom made into one solid piece of wood, the curvature of the underside of this rocking chair would be dangerous to the limbs and waggers (tails) of these domestic lovable mammals. You would be a one Sorry Guy with a Traumatic & Injured Pet.

    Better if not made into a rocking chair at all. Only just as a Sturdy Chair with Box-like Pet House. Ok even if slatted like the above chair.

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