Knitted Wigs

Knitted Wigs

Unique wigs created by London based artist Louise Walker were inspired by famous and classic hairstyles.

Creative and stylish “Knitted Wigs” will definitely get you noticed and keep your head warm during the winter. Perfect for fashion photo sessions.

Knitted Fashion

Knitted Hair

Knitted Wigs by Louise Walker

Wooly Head

Louise Walker

Knitted Wig

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  1. Betty

    Great hats…I mean wigs…no, I mean hats!

  2. hala


  3. cole

    are those models or mannequins?

  4. Unicorn

    I think the models are too bright :P

  5. Weirdo comes to rescue!

    Omg! It Can be a piece of halloween costume if u wanna be a broom

  6. kadal

    @cole , same question…

  7. Jess

    If the knitted wigs were the color of hair it would have been more interesting.

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