Phones Replaced With Sandwiches

Phones Replaced With Sandwiches

Clever photo manipulations feature happy and very excited people who love looking at delicious sandwiches instead of their phones.

Promotional images for different smartphones were carefully modified and the actual phones were replaced with sandwiches. [via Tumblr]

Smartphone Replaced With Sandwich

Sandwich Promo

Phone Replaced With Sandwich

Smart Phone Replaced With Sandwich

Smart Phones Replaced With Sandwiches

Sandwich Advertisement

Sandwich Photography

Creative Sandwich Photography

Smartphones Replaced With Sandwiches

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  1. Fakhri

    Not a very good photoshop work, but somehow funny. “hey look i got the new sandwich 5! Now featuring pickles and stuff!”

  2. Gert

    Sadly, it makes more sense than the current cell phone obsession.

  3. Sepehr


  4. Maheen

    What the hell! why???

  5. Mark

    Funny idea, Horrible execution.

  6. Joe

    The girl looking at her phone while kissing…

    Oh humanity, you amuse me.

  7. Barrie Hall

    I seen this done before. on “Who I Met Your Mother.”

  8. Black Lotus

    The Photoshop was bad, but it’s still funny to me. :)

  9. Monica

    @ Barrie hall in himym they hadnt replaced sandwiches with cellphones it was with weed dude!

  10. goobly

    The blond girl in the last photo, distracted me from the actual concept.

  11. Sepehr

    Holy sh%t :))

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