Skull and Bones Sugar

Skull and Bones Sugar

Creative sugar packaged to look like three-dimensional skulls and bones will add some excitement to your morning coffee.

Designed by Snow Violent, realistic “sugar skulls” remind people not to eat too much sugar. [photos by Olesya Turchuk]

Human Skulls Made of Sugar

Skull Sugar

Creative Sugar Packaging

Creative Sugar

Skull Sugar by Snow Violent

Sugar Skulls

Sugar Skull

Bones Sugar

Sugar Packaging

Snow Violent

Skull Sugar by Snow Violent

Skull and Crossbones Sugar


Sugar by Snow Violent

Sugar Skulls by Snow Violent

Sugar Skull by Snow Violent

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  1. jacklyn

    dias de los muertos all over again

  2. shandya

    sugar can float?

  3. aladeen

    i want one

  4. Spectator

    Aladeen, you allready have one. Standard issue and all that

  5. Gert

    Love it. lol

  6. Douglas

    Made to remind people too much sugar is bad. So she pops an entire sugar skull. Makes sense.

  7. jan

    lovely… need that for my conference room :-)

  8. Lilia Smiles

    Sure makes morning coffee more interesting..I guess

  9. pamela

    Sooooooooooo….. can i buy this?

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