World’s Largest Coffee Cup

Worlds Largest Coffee Cup

Oversized cup for people who love to drink large amounts of delicious coffee.

World’s Largest Coffee Cup is so big it equals to 20 regular cups (only 19 cups if you leave room for cream). Made of porcelain.

Fill it with coffee, tea, or other beverage. One cup is all you need! [order]

Worlds Largest Cup

Worlds Largest Mug

Worlds Largest Coffee Mug

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  1. smokie fox

    That guy is really creepy…

  2. Joe


    He’s on his second cup.

  3. FootScum

    “Spill the cup, and lose the lower half of your body! :D”

  4. Chewie

    Not a bad idea if you want to ruin your diet :p, could use the cup as a jelly mould or something cooking like? Huge Muffins?

  5. benjamin christine

    I second you on the creepy comment!

  6. george

    Only in America!
    By the way, this one cup of cream is what I worry about…

  7. Gert

    Ah yes… because no one has ever invented a novelty item before…


  8. Josh

    Better drink it fast… I don’t think it will fit in a microwave to re-heat.

    Is it just me, or are the guys hands way out of proportion to his body and possibly to one-another?

  9. chillaroo

    @ josh


  10. Ru

    I’ve seen these around for a bit as giant polka dot teacups and saucers, for putting plants in. They make good punch bowls at parties.

  11. K

    I want some for flowerpots.

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