Dexter Cake

Dexter Cake

Eye-catching cake made by talented food artist Annabel de Vetten looks like the main character from extremely popular TV series Dexter.

It took 100 hours to create edible version of Dexter Morgan. The final cake was 5ft 10” long, same height as Michael C. Hall, and weighed 105 kg.

Life sized cake replica of Dexter was sliced up and eaten in celebration of the last season of the TV show. [photos by A J Pilkington]

Slice of Life

Life Size Dexter Morgan Cake

Realistic Dexter Cake

Dexter Replica Cake

Life Size Michael C Hall Cake

Miss Cakehead Dexter Cake

Dexter Morgan Cake

Miss Cakehead

Realistic Michael C Hall Cake

Annabel de Vetten Dexter Cake

Life Size Dexter Cake

Realistic Dexter Morgan Cake

Annabel de Vetten

Michael C Hall Cake

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  1. Moe


  2. Masteroche

    Awesome for Halloween!!

  3. Dominic

    Can’t wait for the next season!

  4. Ahmet

    Disgusting to eat!

  5. K

    Holy moly, amazingly realistic! I wonder how it tasted?

  6. @

    Wow, that’s 230 pounds of cake…

  7. Ciele

    Red Velvet Cake would have been better for the inside

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