Snake Cake

Snake Cake

Francesca Pitcher created realistic snake cake for her daughter’s birthday.

Unique birthday cake was designed to look like a Burmese python. Some of the guests at the party thought that it was a real snake.

Realistic Snake Cake by Francesca Pitcher

Realistic Snake Cake

Snake Cake by North Star Cakes

North Star Cakes

Francesca Pitcher

Snake Cake by Francesca Pitcher

Realistic Snake Cake by North Star Cakes

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  1. Betty

    Awesome!!!…and just a little scary.

  2. Shane

    Terrifying! Amazing!!

  3. Sharyn

    So realistic! Even the closeup looks almost real.

  4. Gert

    Ok… creepiest cake ever. That thing is freaking me out.

  5. MasterOche

    Sick!!! Kind of like the baby cake!! But more shooking!!!

  6. Kat

    Definitely the most realistic cake I’ve ever seen. Very cool!

  7. Nisa Zul

    if i get that snake cake, i’m sure everyone will start to scream & run all over the place.

  8. Sebe


  9. Chris Prescott

    I would have to say that the texture is the best thing about this cake, I could only image the process to create it so life like. Design creativity comes in many different forms.

  10. Pedro Hazza

    i honestly thought it was a real cake..
    really amazing

  11. Me

    It is a real cake. Haha.

  12. Enrico Martinez

    I hope its not a venomous snake cake! (LOL)

  13. HP

    How can I order one?

  14. Waqas

    Only daring person can go closer and cut it :)

  15. Natalie

    That’s one brave little girl! I wouldn’t want to get anywhere near that thing.

  16. Larna

    id be running away if im her daughter

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