Birds Made of Paper

Birds Made of Paper

Realistic birds created out of paper by talented Dutch artist Johan Scherft.

Three-dimensional models are colored and painted to look like real birds.

Realistic Paper Birds

Bird Made of Paper

Realistic Birds Made of Paper

Realistic Paper Birds

Realistic Paper Bird

Johan Scherft

Paper Bird

Paper Birds

Papercraft by Johan Scherft

Paper Birds by Johan Scherft

Realistic Bird Made of Paper

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  1. Rafeek

    V. Cute

  2. Khurram

    indeed real!

  3. Aleks

    Someone is very talented:) Beautiful!

  4. Gert

    Serious talent. I’m very impressed.

  5. MMI


  6. Jimbo

    Wow. Beautiful work.

  7. lance

    Coolness level: REALISTIC

    I got the firecrest and wren, and it’s plainly awesome.

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