Clever Uses of Handles in Advertising

Clever Uses of Handles in Advertising

Creative uses of bus, subway and door handles in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Pantene Door Handle

Creative poster with a real plait hanging from the back of a head was stuck on the doors of malls, supermarkets and beauty salons in India. The plait served as the door handle and each time patrons ‘pulled’ the hair handle, the core benefit of Pantene was demonstrated.

Pantene Door Handle

Harley Davidson Bus Handle

Motorbike handles were mounted in buses in Switzerland to announce the arrival of new Harley models.

Harley Davidson Bus Handle Advertisement

Gard Shampoo Bus Handles

Clever bus handles promoting Gard active strong shampoo in Frankfurt, Germany.

Gard Shampoo Bus Handle Advertisement

Amnesty International Bus Handles

Eight bus lines in Hamburg, Germany run this creative advertising campaign against the death penalty.

Amnesty International Hang-Men Bus Handle Advertisement

Pepsi Bus Handle

Cool handle advertising campaign for Pepsi was featured on 3400 buses throughout USA.

Pepsi Bus Handle Advertisement

Hankook Tires Bus Handle

Tire-shaped handles emphasize stability and grip of Hankook Tires.

Hankook Tires Bus Handle Advertisement

Neck Tie Subway Handles

Tie subway train handles advertising loan company in Tokyo, Japan.

Neck Tie Subway Handle

Fitness Company Subway Handle

Clever marketing campaign for the Fitness Company in Germany.

Fitness Company Subway Handle Advertisement

Abused Bus Handles

Creative advertising campaign against domestic abuse in Indonesia.

Abused Bus Handles

Big Pilot Watch Bus Handles

Bus riders in Berlin got to try IWC’s Big Pilot’s watch mid-commute because bus straps have been fashioned into samplers.

Big Pilot Watch Bus Handle Advertisement

Tyskie Beer Door Handles

Beer mug stickers were installed behind doors of restaurants, pubs and shops as a part of creative Tyskie beer advertising campaign.

Tyskie Beer Door Handles

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  1. OM

    Some really creative stiff. I don’t know if I’d like to pull on the hair, though.

  2. Niyari

    love the awareness ones!!
    but the hair ones are just creepy >_>

  3. Karen

    yeah, really cool, but the real hair is kinda freaky.. iguess if it was like either really fake looking, like you could tell it was fake, that would be ok, or if it was just a cast…

  4. superdit

    In Indonesia ?? First time i see it, thx

  5. Most Interesting Ideas

    Fitness Company Subway Handle is the best idea from this set :)

  6. firemark

    Tyskie – Poland ^^

  7. Daniel

    Why would Hankook advertise their tires on a bus? Most people who take the bus don’t have a car. Poor advertising campaign.

  8. Karin L. Stewart

    SOMEONE is really missing the ship in advertising dollars! OK you J.Walter Thompson types…GET GOING! Lots of handles and lots to be advertised! I do think whoever initiated this creative bit of advertising is truly genius!

  9. maryanne

    The Tyskie door handles brought back memories! We went through the Tyskie Brewery when we were in Poland 3 years ago. Great beer!

  10. Comet

    I like the Fitness Company’s version.

  11. david wayne osedach

    absolutely brilliant and very entertaining. I’m emailing this to all my friends!

  12. itsbrandnew

    pretty good! lots suggest violence, which isn’t very good and shouldn’t be used as openly. People wonder why kids are so crude and violent these days! :p

  13. sunidhi

    This is fantastic creativity for advertising. As they say u only require common sense which is so uncommon.

  14. John Romano

    The REI store in my town used ice picks (coated in plastic) as door handles. Nice touch.

  15. @dillpicklechips

    Love these! A few are creepy though

  16. CrazyTed

    Gotta agree with a lot of the other commenters. The hair ones are quite creepy. The shampoo bus ones, for example, would totally freak me out if I had to pull them. Awesome marketing, though (love the beer one)!

  17. delere

    I’m thinkin’ you might hit your noggin on the fitness weights. I’m sure they are made of something lightweight and not real, but it could be a problem.

    All very clever.

  18. delere

    Hmmm… In India it’s encouraged to pull a woman’s hair, and in Indonesia they are discouraging abuse…I know it’s a stretch, but it just seemed interesting.

  19. Jonas

    And I thought the guys at Fitness Company have no sense of humor. Nice one.

  20. Johnson Koh

    Great collection as usual!

  21. Esra

    Thank you for sharing…

  22. chichi .

    LOOL. the handle with the head . looking like your bashing someone . awesome !

  23. Scirocco

    GET GOING! Lots of handles and lots to be advertised! I do think whoever initiated this creative bit of advertising is truly genius!

  24. Fresh

    very neat!

  25. lolliepop

    i like the abused handel!!! that was funny!

  26. timmay

    awesome especially the abused bus handles.

  27. Anindita

    The watch one is just too awesome !

  28. IA

    wouldnt the hair fall off???

  29. emmajane

    i like the watch one and the pepsi one!

  30. sandeep

    good to see innovative handles

  31. jonathan

    you relies that the india one is showing how strong the hair becomes when u use pantean, and the Indonesia one is telling about not doing abuse, and the one in germany when you have to pull the dude and his head pops off is about NOT doing the death penalty, none of these are violent, their warning against violence!!! all good advertisement

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